AT&T Free Phone Services to Every Nurse and Doctor for 3 Months

AT&T Free Phone Services to Every Nurse and Doctor for 3 Months

April 15, 2020

There’s a lot of good news happening right now despite coronavirus pandemic. From artist performing live via live stream for free to funny toilet paper meme videos. AT&T Internet announced that it is offering three months of AT&T Free Phone Services to every doctor and nurse in the United States.

But, the offer is not for the standard version of AT&T. It is provided through FirstNet, an AT&T Internet owned network. It is an exclusive network for First Responders. No internet throttling and you get priority connectivity access, meaning you get a faster speed over the network. Just to name a few advantages.

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Free coverage to any doctor and nurses for three months if you join the service or if you already with FirstNetwork. you will have to subscribe to them for at least 30 days and stay for a full three months to avail of free credit.

free att service for doctors

However, the discount does not come right away since it comes in the form of a bill and you still have to pay something on your first bill. On top of that, FirstNetwork offers AT&T Free Phone Services, unlimited plans for call, text and internet data for $40 a month. Of course, you need to be a nurse or doctor to avail of that.

Three months of free cellphone service is a good benefit especially this though time. Being a frontline to Coronavirus pandemic is not a joke. Risking life and health for the people is something we need to pay something in return. A nice move from AT&T Internet and FirstNetwork.


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