Everything you need to know about AT&T Smart Wifi

Everything you need to know about AT&T Smart Wifi

May 6, 2021

What is AT&T Smart Wifi and how does it work

AT&T Smart Wifi is a mobile device connection manager that can be downloaded as an app. It’s a free app that searches for and links to a nearby hotspot.

This Android app (not available for iOS) from Google Play keeps track of the times a user fails to link to available hotspots, compiling a list for later analysis. As a result, the user can save these connections for later use if needed. In addition, the app shows real-time WiFi and cellular use.

The AT&T Smart WiFi app, when correctly configured, allows users to use WiFi instead of cellular whenever possible. When using WiFi instead of LTE or 3G, the subscriber’s data allowance is not depleted. As long as the user disables cellular data in the mobile device’s settings manually.

Remember that as long as the Android WiFi toggle is switched on, AT&T Smart WiFi can automatically link to hotspots. Your phone will search for a cellular signal when the toggle is turned off. If you have a lot of background applications running on your computer, you’ll quickly use up your monthly data allowance if you’re using apps from all over the cellular spectrum.

AT&T Smart WIFI being labeled as Bloatware

It’s a cruel irony that many users download the Smart WiFi app only to discover that their data use has soared.
In less than 24 hours, a user who downloaded it to a Samsung Galaxy used 1.4 GB of data.

Users have mentioned thinking they’re on WiFi only to find out they’re on 4G after receiving a hefty bill from AT&T. Despite the fact that the WiFi icon is visible on the phone’s panel.

Another consumer claims that allowing the “Mobile Data Access” feature causes the software to become unusable. The story goes that by turning on the function, the WiFi link is broken. The only way to get it to function again was to perform a factory reset.

Thoughts about the AT&T Smart WIFI

While it has good intentions for consumers, it is quite clear that the app is still underdeveloped and needs a lot of improvement. The “MyAT&T” is a viable substitute for the meantime. This app for both iOS and Android tracks data and manages add-ons is a reasonable alternative to the Smart WiFi app. It also provides subscribers with an online view and payment of their AT&T bill.

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