Become a Brinks Authorized Dealer! Join the JNA Dealer Program

brinks authorized dealer

As one of the most trusted companies in the US, we partnered with Brinks for you to become a Brinks Authorized Dealer in the easiest way possible. We provide independent home security dealer with a program that goes far beyond normal dealership opportunities. We are committed to helping people, provides professional customer supports to enhance your dealership journey.

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Brinks‘s reputation spans around the globe and serves in more than 100 countries with hundreds of thousands of employees. One of the most reputable private security and protection company in the world. Brinks provides opportunities for almost entire Canada and the United States through Brinks Dealer Program formerly known as the Monitronics Dealer program and Moni Dealer Program.

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Brinks Authorized Dealer

Why Join Brinks Authorized Dealer Program?

  1. We provide resources and tools to build your brand and company
  2. Marketing tips for online and door to door sales.
  3. Product Selection and Flexible Pricing.
  4. Dedicated account manager to support and train to your success.

Why Sell Brinks Products?

It is a good option either Google or Amazon smart ecosystems and supports over the phone. Brinks and be installed via DIY over free professional installation via phone. Brinks provides professional monitoring and cellular backup. Brinks security system provides mobile alerts, 24/7 monitoring, surveillance cameras, professional installation, and remote control.

What you can Sell with Brinks

We’ve been researching and testing Brinks Home Security products for years. We found some great things, good packages, plans, and pricing. So we are going to share the opportunities to become a Brinks Dealer.

Brinks Packages

Brinks Smart Security Essential

Smart Security Essential
Easy “Do It Yourself” installation. Have it at affordable prices.

Brinks Authorized Dealer

Smart Security Complete
Gives you the power of 24/7 Video from your Smartphone.

Brinks Authorized Dealer

Smart Security Ultimate
Have an Outdoor Camera and Doorbell. Includes Professional Installation.

We are a team of experts in security, tech, and marketing. Our experienced sales team gone through extensive training to help you will all your dealership needs. We are ready to help you to get started and become a Brinks Authorized Dealer today! Just give us a call today.

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