Brinks Home Security Cost, Plans and Equipment

Brinks Home Security Cost, Plans and Equipment

January 18, 2022

Brinks Home Security protects more than 1 million commercial and residential customers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. It is one of the largest home monitoring and security companies in the United States. Brink is a simple home solution that is highly responsive and Brinks Home Security cost is reasonable. Backed by security professionals, Brinks provides amazing customer support to its customers. They are also backed and supported by authorized dealers, offering support and products to customers.

The company provides an advanced technology system that won’t break the bank. Brinks’ straightforward pricing, solid product warranty, DIY setup, and additional equipment make the company highly recommendable.

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Brinks Home Security Cost

Although the cancelation policy is strict, the Brinks Home Security cost is straightforward. They offer options, the Home Complete or the Home Complete with Video, which makes them affordable. But keep in mind, you need to pay an extra fee for each equipment add-on. If you opt for financing options, you can pay for all the equipment all at once thru GreenSky.

You can have a free trial or test for 30 days for both Home Complete and Home Complete, so you can decide if it suits your needs or not. You can always cancel your subscription at any time within the 30-day period and you will receive a complete refund. Moreover, the Brinks app is also included for both plans. The mobile app lets you remotely control your system using your mobile or tablet devices. video monitoring, controlling the light, and disarming/arming the security system.

Brinks Home Security monthly cost

Home Complete$29/mo$399
Home Complete, with financing$40.08/mo$0
Home Complete with Video$39/mo$499
Home Complete with Video, with financing$52.86/mo$0
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Brinks Home Security Package

There are two plans for Brinks, you can choose either “Home Complete” or “Home Complete with Video.” All brinks’ entire system is wireless and you can install it DIY. No hanging cables, no drilling, completely wireless. That’s what we love about Brinks. Additionally, you can also purchase the equipment for a Nest Security system for Brinks.

Equipment Fees

The Brinks Home Complete plans are both compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and However, Alexa is not compatible with Nest Secure. Both packages of equipment come with a 2-year warranty. You can also add this equipment with an extra fee: motion detectors, window sensors, door sensors, smoke detectors, and HD Indoor Cameras. (Brinks System and Hardware FAQs)

Why Do We Recommend Brinks?
Aside from its affordability and professional support, their plans come with good warranties and customization options, plus a wireless DIY installation. The strict cancelation policy is not ideal, but let’s be real, these are common to any major company.

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