Digital Tools For Completing Your Tasks This 2023

Digital Tools For Completing Your Tasks This 2023

January 24, 2022

Digital tools help you in running, tracking, and analyzing all of your online activity because it can become a headache because in digital marketing there are so many various channels, tactics, and campaigns. Individual specialists are assigned to these responsibilities by large marketing teams. Small businesses attempt to evenly balance this workload among all team members.

Both of them, though, must automate the marketing process. Otherwise, there is no area in our workplace for learning, brainstorming, or innovation!

Fortunately, we have tools that may help us speed up and simplify practically any marketing process, from audience research to initiating an email campaign.

Let’s have a look at some viable alternatives.

Open and strengthen your email marketing channel using these tools.

To round off the list, consider email marketing, which is still a viable and successful communication channel in 2022. According to the Bluecore data, 74 percent of Baby Boomers, 72 percent of Gen X, 64 percent of Millennials, and 60 percent of Gen Z consumers prefer to communicate with brands via email. One of the most effective ways to nurture leads is to send newsletters, updates and offers via email. Here’s a tool that will help you make the most of your email marketing efforts.

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How does it function?

One of the best digital tools you can use is MailChimp because it is a well-known email marketing software that allows you to develop engaging campaigns for your consumers and sell more products through email. The technology, though, isn’t just for creating and sending newsletters.

You may use MailChimp to construct a landing page, a website, or even an e-commerce store. As a result, the application becomes a multitasking assistant for getting your business online and marketing it. For example, to grow your client base, you can run targeted ads on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or create a customer journey map to start automated email campaigns and urge your prospects to buy.

In addition, the platform gives you analytics and easy-to-understand information on your members’ demographics, geography, and engagements. Using this information, you may segment your audience depending on their interests, countries, hobbies, and purchasing patterns.

Because MailChimp engineers are constantly adding new capabilities to the platform, it has the potential to become the next HubSpot or Zoho.

What marketing goals are you pursuing:

  • Manage and track email marketing programs, as well as their outcomes.
  • Analyze the behavior of the target audience and customers.
  • Start and grow an e-commerce firm.
  • Backlink opportunities are found using the following tools.

Returning to SEO, how many backlinks does your website receive? What is your current domain rating? Do you have enough ‘votes of confidence from other web sources for your website? The more authoritative websites that link to yours, the higher your Google ranking will be. In addition, one of the aims of guest posting is to exchange backlinks. Here’s a fantastic tool to test out!

Digital Tools For Completing Your Tasks This 2023

SEO SpyGlass

How does it function?

Your personal backlink research assistant is SEO SpyGlass. Thousands of web pages are scanned to find ones that connect to your landing pages and blog articles. Compare the number of backlinks your website has to that of your competitors.

You will obtain more results and opportunities because the program unearths backlinks from external sources (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) as well as a large in-house backlink database.

Additionally, SEO SpyGlass identifies pages that send a lot of referral traffic to your site. Consider forming a long-term relationship with these bloggers or authors in order to attract additional visitors in the future.

To improve the effectiveness of your links, the tool suggests keywords and key phrases to utilize as anchors.

Finally, you can discover the primary traffic sources used by your competition. Switch your link-building strategy and decide to tap into them yourself.

Create appealing headlines for your blog posts and landing pages using these digital tools.

A headline is an important aspect of your text because it is the first thing that your clients or website visitors see. Active verbs, relevant keywords, and intriguing phrases make for a superb headline. It’s also as clear, concise, cliché-free, and straightforward as possible.

It appears that headline writing is incredibly difficult! Fortunately, there is special equipment available to make the job easier.

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Digital Tools For Completing Your Tasks This 2023

Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule

How does it function?

The Headline Analyzer solves the problem. The program generates a headline score and makes recommendations for improvement. With Word Balance, Word Count, Reading Grade Level, and other indications, you can determine the ideal headline length and better words to represent your text’s idea.

In addition, the analyzer determines whether a headline’s attitude is positive, negative, or neutral, indicating whether your message sounds good, negative, or neutral to readers. For users who see this page in Google SERP, the clarity and skimmability indications assist make your headlines clear and concise.

Additionally, the program has premium SEO tools that allow you to compare your headlines to comparable ones in search results and determine the best keywords for them.

What marketing goals are you pursuing:

  • Make headlines that will persuade Google users to become your readers.
  • Use relevant keywords in your headlines.


Digital tools include Google tools that will help you rank your article higher ding pages quickly and simply have a better chance of attracting the intended audience. To increase your search ranking, sprinkle some SEO magic into your content.

You can measure and enhance a page’s optimization rate by using Content Editor. Add relevant keywords (or remove those that aren’t) and look for photographs with no Alt text. Track competitor pages to keep yours up to date with their material, and use the People Also Ask the part of Google SERP to update your blog posts with customer inquiries.

The nicest part about WebSite Auditor is how inexpensive it is for SEO newbies. You don’t have to be an expert to write a nice title and description for your website, as well as sprinkle it with a few topic-related keywords.

What marketing goals are you pursuing:

  • Improve the content on your website’s pages.
  • Keep track of the most popular terms in your industry.
  • Keep an eye on the websites of your competitors.
  • Check your messages for spelling and grammar errors and improve your writing skills with these tools.

One of the trends for 2022 is AI-based software so using digital tools is a a must. The technology is actively used by data analysts, email marketers, and conversation marketers. Another area where machine learning can help us is with AI-powered writing assistance. Some pessimists can’t wait to see The Decline of Copywriting since these techniques work so well (they will have to wait a long time, though).

digital tools


How does it function?

Grammarly will keep your emails, tweets, and articles concise and error-free if your English grade in school is B or lower. This grammar checker is also an excellent companion for non-native English copywriters.

The program checks your work for flaws, including poor spelling, text inconsistencies, faulty tense sequencing, and the misuse of Passive Voice, among others. It supports four different dialects of English: American, British, Canadian, and Australian.

You can copy a text fragment from Google Docs or MS Word and paste it into the checker, or you can check a document (.odt,.docx,.rtf,.txt).

You may also establish goals to receive suggestions on how to keep your readers interested in your work. Choose your audience (general, knowledgeable, expert), formality level (casual, neutral, formal), domain (business, academic, email, creative, etc. ), tone of voice (joyous, optimistic, analytical, etc. ), and copywriting intention (Inform, Describe, Convince, Tell a story). Grammarly will identify the parts of a text that need to be improved. It may, for example, recommend that you replace a buzzword with a formal one.

You may use the tool online or install a Chrome extension to utilize it everywhere you type, including email and social media sites.

What marketing goals are you pursuing:

  • Before you publish your marketing texts, double-check them.
  • Enhance your writing abilities.
  • Make copies that are appropriate for buyers from various English-speaking regions.
  • Tools to help you listen to your consumers and learn more about your audience

Let’s start with a tool that will help you better understand your clients and cater to their demands. You’ll also create an effective content marketing plan for 2022 by tracking hot subjects and discussions on the Internet.

Digital Tools For Completing Your Tasks This 2023


How does it function?

Awario searches the Internet for your brand mentions and industry-related keywords you’ve put up as an alert, including blogs, news sites, and social media sites. On Twitter and YouTube, you may keep track of your CEO’s name, competitor brands, marketing initiatives, events, breaking news, and regularly used hashtags.

To narrow down the search, select your language, location (up to a specific city and state), sources to watch, date range, and exclude keywords, social media, and web pages when creating an alert. Additionally, for the most relevant results, employ Boolean operators such.

The program will alert you through email and Slack about all new remarks daily or weekly, so running Awario in the background for regular monitoring of your company’s online mentions is a good idea. Use it on your own or collaborate on a project with your coworkers.

Final Word

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. There are no task managers or social media marketing platforms, for example. However, the major purpose of this essay is to motivate you to automate your everyday operations when the time comes. Finally, all of these digital tools allow you to spend more time establishing your brand and less time on the day-to-day details.

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