Business Tip: Why Email Security Is More Important Than Ever

Business Tip: Why Email Security Is More Important Than Ever

December 2, 2021

Many employees have been encouraged to work from home, either over a business network or a network connected to a cloud-based system like Office 365. While working remotely offers many advantages in terms of safety, morale, and reduced staff turnover, it has also introduced a slew of new challenges for businesses, the most important of which is email security.

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Because of cyber risks such as social attacks that target enterprises via email, email protection is essential. Phishing emails, for example, may deceive users into divulging personal information, accepting bogus bills, or downloading malware that can infect your systems and data.

Hackers are implementing new email assault tactics that take advantage of enterprises’ rising reliance on regularly misconfigured cloud email and overall lack of security resources and knowledge. According to security analysts, COVID-19 has resulted in a 600 percent spike in phishing assaults, and the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recorded 160,000 suspicious emails during a 14-day period in June.

A common hacking assault can result in considerable disruption, lasting reputation harm, and financial loss for enterprises of all sizes. Companies in all industries can take the following steps to protect their systems, users, and data from phishing, ransomware, and other persistent email threats.

Create a smart cloud email security solution that is threat-ready. The single most effective action firms can take to secure remote workers and sensitive data is to implement a complete, layered cloud email security solution that seamlessly combines default cloud email protection with vital additional security defenses. The built-in security protections supplied to Office 365 and G Suite customers are insufficient in preserving enterprises’ important assets and reputations. Defense-in-depth is critical in reinforcing cloud email against advanced, new attacks.

Before you click, think! Take the time to carefully consider each email you receive before clicking on any links, downloading attachments, or otherwise dealing with it. Ask yourself, for example, whether an order confirmation email you received corresponds to a recent transaction you made. Is the sender’s and recipient’s email correctly?

Good cyber hygiene can help you avoid diseases. What are the similarities between computer viruses and the COVID-19 virus? It turns out there’s a lot more to it than you might think. Patching your operating system and apps is like washing your hands, and not dealing with spam or phishing emails is like not touching your face when it comes to preventing email attacks and securing your systems. Wearing a mask and keeping a six-foot space from others in public is analogous to implementing layered, threat-ready email protection capable of identifying highly elusive attacks like malware. Like an asymptomatic COVID-19 patient, malware targets trusted system programs while going undiscovered by typical security technologies. The term “computer virus” suddenly seems more relevant than ever.

Individuals and companies must prioritize email security more than ever at this tough, uncertain time, and as we emerge from the crisis, to guarantee that they remain safe in this time of heightened digital danger.

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