Employee Theft And Fraud: How To Keep Your Business Safe?

Employee Theft

According to reports, there are a lot of complaints about employee theft and fraud activities. This is why you need a surveillance camera to protect you from business losses.  Not all employees are bad, most of them are hardworking and trusted.

Let’s say, you have implemented all alarm systems on all-access, doors, and locks to any potential threats to your business. You installed antivirus and firewalls to you to avoid cyber threats. Question is, is it enough to prevent internal threats and employee theft? How can you protect your important files and data using surveillance cameras?  Not all employees can be trusted. Here, we are going to talk about how can you protect your businesses from criminals.

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How to Keep Your Business Secure From Employee Theft and other Criminals?


Employee Theft

According to sources, businesses lose 5% of annual revenue due to employee fraud activities. Whether you are a small or big company, consider how surveillance cameras can help your business. In 2016 alone, there is an average of $1.13 million in losses in revenue from internet theft.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Surveillance Cameras?
Security camera existence in an office building can prevent employees from stealing your important documents. Informing employees that cameras are being used in your workplace can encouraged fraud activities. Businesses dealing with a lot of money on hands for cash flows and payroll, security cameras are the most important investment you should consider.

Where To Place Security Cameras?

Security cameras work 24/7, it can easily catch any potential treats 24 hours 7 days a week. Surveillance cameras place in areas for checking in and out, parking lots, inventory storage, and cash register can monitor your employee’s activities.

Business Operation And Employee Productivity Improvement

Surveillance cameras can easily monitor employee productivity efficiently. Employees have more time to focus on their daily tasks knowing they are being monitored.

Customers and Clients Benefits

Surveillance cameras can improve customers’ trust knowing that you care about their security. Security cameras can protect your customers and both inside and outside your building. This will allow you to record and monitor any suspicious activities.

Top Security Systems

Vivint Alarm, ADT, Brinks, Simplisafe, and Ring

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For retailers around the world, employee stealing is serious issue.  StatisticBrain.com estimates that $50 billion is stolen by workers annually from U.S. firms,  and 75 of employees confess to stealing from their employer at least once. And what can business owners in retail do to stop this? Install monitoring video surveillance. When they know that they are being watched, workers are less likely to cheat. 

Security Cameras are all beneficial. However, having an advanced security camera system will take your business security to a higher level. If you need assistance in installing a smart security camera for your business, give us a call. We care about your business security.

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