Expand your Business and Your Bottom Line, Become an Exede Dealer Today!

Expand your Business and Your Bottom Line, Become an Exede Dealer Today!

February 17, 2021

There’s a huge demand for high-speed internet for the past couple of years and booming. Especially in the rural areas, At JNA, We are looking for a partnership to individual and businesses who wants to become our Exede Dealer and Retailer.

At JNA, as your partner, we will provide you reliable high-speed internet service of up to 100mbps. This will both available to homes and businesses in rural and small towns in the US. We will help you expand your business and increase your revenue. We all have the tools to support small businesses to residential users. An improved plan for small businesses that need user-friendly and easy-to-use features. It is easy to sell Viasat because your existing customer or customer already knows it.

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Benefits Of Becoming An Exede Dealer

  • We offer the best satellite internet in the market
  • We have the most advanced technology that brings high speed with a 25Mbps download.
  • We have the fastest internet satellite in the US for both Business and Home packages.
  • With the Viasat-2, We have the world’s highest capacity communication satellite.

JNA Dealer is here to help you and your business

  • We have a dedicated technical expert manager working with you.
  • We have a dedicated sales expert representative to guide you with your sales needs.
  • Marketing Program to help you grow your business.
  • Training support to help you get started.
  • And more.

The possibilities are endless with JNA Dealer Programs

Exede Voice – Exede offers a VoIP phone solution that can be bundled with their satellite internet packages for $29.99/mo. Easy Care – Exede offers an additional layer of support called Easy Care, which can be added to all plans for $5.99/mo, but the first 3 months are free. This gives you priority support when you call in and covers additional technical support fees if an installer needs to be sent back out for your service.

If you are decided to become a partner and dealer, call us at JNA's Dealer Program is a telecommunications equipment distribution company (844) 377-8487 and Become an Exede Dealer today!

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