How To: Fix Crashing System on Android Smartphones

Fix Crashing System on Android Smartphones

Fix Crashing System on Android Smartphones: The crash problem with Android device is not an uncommon issue in our lives. Although it is a popular Android device issue, we can not ignore it as it would trigger some severe results. So, we would like to tell you the implications of this problem and how to fix it in order to help users who are upset by this widespread and severe problem. You can read on and get some information about it, no matter whether you are facing this issue or not.

What are the reasons of the crashing issues with the Android system?

If your Android suffers from a system crash problem, the computer may

– Refuse to switch back on again. That is to say that you are unable to launch and use your phone.
– Unable to smoothly run apps on your device.
– The unresponsive and freezing freezing
– Suffering from damage to a software and losing some valuable files.

Generally speaking, with an Android device crash, you are unable to do something on your Android or even lose the data you want. Therefore, it is necessary for you to take steps to fix the serious issue.

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To solve the problem, simple Cache Partition

Another explanation for the crash of the Android device may be the lack of storage space. You should clear the cache partition in this situation to free your device’s space and reduce its burden. Here, you also have two choices- complete the process in Settings or in Recovery Mode. You can pick the first one if the crash problem is temporary, but if your Android screen is frozen, you need to use the second one to do the cleaning.

– Simple partition of cache in Settings

Navigate to Settings>Storage>Cached Data. A pop-up window will then appear asking you whether or not you want to clear the cached data. To confirm your decision, just tap on OK.

– Go to Recovery Mode for Simple Partition Cache

You must first turn off your phone by pressing the power button. Then hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons together until multiple choices are shown on the screen. That means you’ve entered the Mode of Recovery. To pick the Wipe Cache Partition option, just use the Volume Up and Down keys. To complete the process, click on Reboot System when the wiping process finishes.

To address the crash problem, eject the SD Card

If all of the above approaches do not fix the issue, there could be something wrong with your SD card. You should, therefore, try to delete your SD card and format it. The specifics are as follows, so you can follow them for a try.

Remove your SD card from the card tray and then plug it into the SD card reader on your device. Next, press the device icon, and then right-click the SD card to format it.

To get rid of the trouble, Factory Reset your phone

The final way to fix the Android system crash problem is to reset your computer in the factory. This approach is strong and it can solve all kinds of problems with Android. And also, there are two ways for you to complete the resetting as well.

-In Settings, Factory reset your phone

If you can access your phone, you can go to Settings> Backup & Reset> Reset Factory Data> Reset Device to directly reset your phone.

– Recovery Mode to reset your phone

What if you are unable to turn your phone on? In this scenario, you can complete the reset in Recovery Mode. As well, keep and click the Power and Volume Down keys to reach the Recovery Mode. You can use the Down and Up Volume buttons after entering the mode to choose the Factory Reset option and press the Power button to confirm your choice.

There you have it! Fix Crashing System on Android Smartphones!