The Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Growing Franchise

growing franchise

Franchising is a fantastic, low-risk way to instantly earn money. Making your growing franchise stand out from the crowd – in order to acquire a huge consumer base – is the key to success. It all boils down to marketing and the methods you use to increase public knowledge of your franchise. Here are approaches to best promote your developing franchise, keeping in mind the post-pandemic market and the increased availability of internet marketing strategies.

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Growing Franchise the Right Way

Deliver Consistent, Valuable Content

Typically, franchisees focus solely on brand development, neglecting to consider other forms of content marketing. This is a blunder. Content marketing is essential for winning the digital marketing game while also assisting in the development of SEO and obtaining a high ranking in the SERPs.

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Your articles should be relevant to your target market and focused on the local area. Find out what keywords your clients in each of your franchise markets are utilizing, and then create powerfully headlined content with these terms. Simultaneously, ensure that each of your franchisees has somewhat distinct content based on the preferences and interests of the local community.

Make the Most of the Fact That You’re Local

Customers acquire information about your business from places other than your public-facing website, which most franchise owners are unaware of. Customers can access essential information about your business, such as hours, locations, phone numbers, and even menu items or service offers, without ever visiting your website. They receive it from Google’s local business information, which is usually found on the right side of a search.

For a growing franchise that wants to win the search game, local listing planning is fundamental. Is your company information listed on the Search engine? Is that information up to date, if so? That is only the start. Are you aware that Siri and Alexa are getting their data from AI-powered source information? Take advantage of your franchise’s geographical makeup and leverage your local company information to help enhance your visibility in client searches. Make it easy for people to discover you and double-check that the information displayed is correct.

Make the user experience as smooth and seamless as possible

The biggest issue a franchisor may face is bringing in new business and then increasing return visits. Make sure that every one of your marketing communications – whether it’s a social media, email, or website provides a simple, frictionless experience for your audience. This entails streamlining functionality, employing straightforward language, and providing clear navigation. Provide a rich and distinctive experience instead of adopting cookie-cutter design templates.

Is there a single guiding principle that can assist you? Prioritize your consumers’ demands before promoting your service as a solution. Make sure to follow up with an instant call to action after you’ve established that with your customer. Finally, make sure that all of your marketing materials are “mobile-optimized.” These are all critical steps in raising brand awareness, improving user experience, and ultimately customer satisfaction and repeat visits.

Plan and buy media in a strategic way

You need to get your brand’s name out there as a new or smaller franchise, and one of the most successful ways is through targeted media buys. Make your media budget work for you to accomplish this. The most practical approach to do so is to contact the largest or most reputable media buyer in your area. Look for companies who have strong media ties, since this will result in more competitive rates and increased value for you.

Budget for a variety of media venues until you find one that works for you, whether it’s classic media like TV, radio, print, and public advertising, or new media like YouTube, sponsored search, remarketing, display, paid social, programmatic, and mobile.

Keep an eye on your franchise’s reputation

In small cities, word-of-mouth referrals and reputation are everything. Are you keeping track of what your consumers are saying about you on review sites like Citysearch, Google, Facebook, and Yelp? If that’s the case, Review Responses — an all-in-one platform – can help you deliver a fantastic customer experience.

The majority of individuals nowadays study online evaluations before picking where to do business. Customers value five-star evaluations, but seeing the company interact with these same customers through reviews is just as significant. Monitor and respond to your consumers’ feedback to gain control over how they perceive your company.