How to Disarm and Arm Vivint Alarm Without Code?

How to Disarm and Arm Vivint Alarm Without Code?

January 27, 2021

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were more than 7 million property crimes reported in total across the entire United States in 2020. (FBI).

Home alarms help reduce the chances of a property being a possible target by more than 300 percent for robbers and thieves, and can at all times raise safety and security both inside and outside your home.

For unknown reasons, your home alarm system is already configured and the alarm is already set off and you’re asking., “How do I turn my alarm off?” In order to disarm your alarm without sending a signal to your local authorities, there are a few steps to take.

Reasons why you need to understand how to secure your home without an alarm code

Every home’s needs are different. You might be moving into a new home with a security panel, but you do not have a system code. Or maybe it doesn’t work with the code you have for the system. These are all valid reasons for knowing without an alarm code how to secure your home.

Reasons you can use an Alarm Code to protect your home

Having an alarm code for your security system provides an additional layer of protection toward trespassers for property owners. Choosing a versatile alarm code that is hard to guess for unwelcome visitors makes it harder for them to get into your house.

On the market today, there are security solutions available that allow homeowners to allocate guests unique disarming passcodes. Assigning visitors special passcodes allows families and homeowners to know who is entering their home and when someone is. You arm your home with round-the-clock security when you pair a coded house alarm with 24/7 professional monitoring.

Bear in mind that disarming a home alarm without a code isn’t easy.

Arm & Disarm Vivint via Smart Home App

Arming Vivint alarm is straightforward from the app. Follow these measures in order to arm or disarm the device using the Vivint Smart Home app:

1. Press the white shield symbol on your home screen and drag righ to leave or drag left to Stay

2. Leaving arm sensors arm: Staying arms all but sensors on the interiors such as interior indoors or motion detectors.

3. To disarm your alarm, Touch the Shield icon on your home screen and drag it down to disarm.

4. Press the alarm icon in the middle to disarm the system and cancel the alarm if there is an alarm in the process.

5. To let monitoring know if it was a false alarm, Tap No or Yes. Tapping No will continue to follow the procedure for the alarm and Yes, to let the specialist know the alarm is false.

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