How to Control Your Vivint System With Google Assistant

How to Control Your Vivint System With Google Assistant

January 16, 2023


Vivint Smart Home is a Cloud-based smart home monitoring system. With help from the SkyControl touchscreen control panel, you can connect and control all your Vivint smart devices, including your thermostat, door locks, lights, appliances, and cameras. At just seven inches, the Vivint SkyControl uses Wi-Fi, radio frequency (RF), and Z-Wave technology to communicate with the connected devices and streamline the process for users. 

The wall-mounted control panel can be accessed in person, via the Vivint Sky app, or using the web console. No matter where you are — at home, at work, running errands, or on vacation — you can make sure that doors are locked, energy is being conserved, and your home is well monitored.


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Google Assistant to control your Vivint system


You can use Google Assistant to control your Vivint system using voice commands and Google Home smart speakers.

How to Connect your Google Home to your Vivint SkyControl?

1. Open the Google Home app, tap the home icon in the bottom left to verify you are on the home page, and then the + icon.
2. Select Set up device.
3. Select Have something already set up?
4. Select the magnifying glass icon and search for Vivint to link to the account.
5. Press Allow.
6. Enter your credentials and then press Sign in.
7. After the accounts are linked, assign devices to respective rooms. Rooms may be set up beforehand or created at this time.
8. Press the room you would like to assign the selected device. If the desired room is not there, press Add custom room at the bottom of the list and then press Next.
9. The Google Home app will show the rooms you’ve created along with each device assigned to any rooms you’ve set up. This list is just a confirmation of what devices are in what room.
10. Use the voice command: “Hey Google, sync with Vivint”. This expedites the setup process so Google Home is immediately ready to use commands. Otherwise, it will sync within a few minutes on its own.


*Please Note – Voice control is accessible for Vivint SkyControl consumers only.


Vivint offers the most comprehensive voice-controlled smart home, here are some of the amazing voice commands Vivint has

Vivint Security:

  • Arm my security system “stay”
  • Arm my home “away”
  • what is the state of my security system?

Vivint Smart Locks:

  • Lock my front door
  • Are my doors locked?
  • Is my front door locked?


  • Turn on my lights
  • Turn on my living room light
  • Dim my lights
  • Set the bedroom light to 20 percent
  • Are my lights on?
  • Is my kitchen light on?

Vivint Thermostats:

  • Set my heat to 70 degrees
  • Turn the AC down to 72 degrees
  • Turn up the heat
  • Turn the heat setpoint up two degrees
  • Turn on the AC
  • I am cold
  • What’s the temperature?


  • Android 6.0+ watches
  • Android 6.0+ TVs
  • Google Home
  • Android 5.0+ phones
  • iOS 10.0+ devices
  • Headphones
  • Smart Displays
  • Android 6.0+ tablets

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