How To Make Sure Your Network  And Smart Home Remain Secure

How To Make Sure Your Network And Smart Home Remain Secure

June 23, 2021

The goal of smart home technology like Network And Smart Home and other connected devices around the home is to make our lives easier and safer. However, if they aren’t set up and managed correctly, they might expose your network to attack and leave you vulnerable. The good news is that you can simply keep your network safe and secure by following a few simple procedures. As an authorized retailer, you may help clients relax by calming their fears and reassuring them that they can use these products without fear.

It’s crucial to realize that every device connected to your home network like smartphones, TVs, cameras, speakers, and so on, is effectively a computer on the network that can contact other computers. We’ll go through the most important things to do to stay safe. All of the ideas presented here can be implemented on any internet-connected or smart home device that is available for purchase through authorized retail programs.

Use Your Router’s Encryption Settings

In order for any device to access the network or the information being sent inside it, routers have built-in wireless encryption settings that require a network key/password – this is also known as your Wi-Fi password.

How To Ensure Your Network  And Smart Home Remain Secure

There are three forms of encryption accessible in most router admin settings: WEP, WPA, and WPA2. It’s crucial to note that WEP and WPA are now obsolete, and you should use WPA2 for the maximum level of protection.

Using Two factor Authentication

Many consumers are concerned that if their smart home account password is compromised, they would lose access to their home security system like cameras, door locks, and other smart devices. However, if you use 2 Factor Authentication security settings, you must know your password as well as have access to an app saved on your mobile device in order to log in to your account. Also, everyone should secure their phone with a password or a fingerprint scan.

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Most platforms/accounts on websites and devices on the internet, including Google and Vivint products available as an authorized vendor, include these types of security settings. These options increase the security of your data and smart home devices.

How To Ensure Your Network  And Smart Home Remain Secure

Use the Guest Networking Options

You might want to share your Wi-Fi connection with visitors who come to your house. You might not want them to have access to your files, data, or personal information, though. To do so, just set up a “guest network” on your router, which allows your guests to access the internet through a distinct network name (SSID) and keeps their internet traffic (and potential vulnerabilities) away from your connected devices.

Passwords that are difficult to guess

It may seem self-evident, but creating strong, complex passwords is the first step toward securing your entire digital existence. According to some estimates, almost 80% of Americans use weak passwords to protect their digital lives. Obviously, the actual figure is ambiguous, but it may at least be accepted that it is disturbingly high.

Making a secure Wi-Fi password is essential as part of the encryption settings described above.

Follow these steps to generate a strong password:

  • Don’t use the same password for different accounts/platforms.
  • Personal information (your name, pet’s name, usernames, birthdays, addresses, and so on) should be avoided.
  • Avoid use uncommon passwords or phrases (for example, “love123”).
  • Include at least 10 characters.
  • Letters in lowercase and uppercase, numbers, and symbols should all be included.

Many experts recommend utilizing separate password management software to take your passwords to the next level.

It Is Possible To Have Simple Network Security

Everyone should put the principles above into practice. You can quickly become an expert on these devices for your clients as an authorized dealer for any of our internet/connected device partners, and help them discover the true convenience and security these devices can offer when set up correctly.

There are plenty of sales programs to appeal to all of your consumers, from internet service with Hughesnet or at&t to smart home and automation with Google Home or Vivint.

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