How to Use Credit Cards Responsibly?

How to Use Credit Cards Responsibly?

November 13, 2020

The prudent use of credit cards will contribute immensely to a stable financial situation.

Although a debit card or cash works fine for several transactions, there are several situations where a big problem can be caused by not using a credit card.

In addition: A big contributing factor to your loan ranking is how you use your credit cards, whether good or poor.

On future credit cards, car loans, mortgages and more, your credit score dictates your ability to obtain better interest rates.

How Credit Cards Works

A credit card account is legally a revolving credit line that allows borrowers to

A credit card is simply an electronic version of an IOU sticky note, at its simplest.

The merchant’s computer system talks to your credit card company when you swipe your credit card at a retail point of sale or insert your card details online.

After that the credit card company reviews your account.

They authorize the merchant to approve the transaction if you have enough money under your credit limit.

Then the dealer sends the balance of the purchase to the credit card company at the end of the day and it is posted to your credit card account.

Billing Cycle

The credit card company would add up the amount of all transactions you made with your card for each billing period (a month’s time).

On your monthly credit card statement, the information is sent to you.

If you pay the entire amount of the statement by the due date of the statement, then no interest or extra fees are paid to you.

If you pay less than the full balance due, then interest on the amount you did not pay is paid to you.

If you don’t make the minimum payment by the due date of the statement, then a late payment fee will also be paid.

How Credit Card Issuers Benefit from You

There are many forms for lenders to make money from credit cards.

Interchange Fees

Interchange fees are fees paid to merchants by credit card companies in order to allow them to accept credit cards.

Because being able to accept credit cards is an important part of the company of many retailers, they pay these fees happily.

The merchant has to pay a fee any time you swipe in order to accept your card. (Some merchants are trying to pass on this expense to you.)


Credit card companies can add interest on the balance if you don’t pay your account balance in full.

When you pay interest, you pay for your purchases more easily. More frightening even: For years, high credit card interest rates can keep you in debt.

Card Fees

There will be plenty of penalties associated for credit cards themselves.

Potential card fees usually include:

  1. The Yearly Fee
  2. Charge for Late Payment
  3. Charge on International Trade
  4. Fee for a balance transfer
  5. Fee for cash advance

Although it could be more beneficial than the monthly fee for the rewards on a credit card, there are plenty of cards with no annual fee.

It makes sense to look for one of these no annual fee cards if you are starting out or searching for your first credit card.

The other fees for card purchases are not common.

How to Request or Apply for a Credit Card

It’s a good idea to check your credit report first before you apply for a credit card.

It can help you decide what types of credit cards to apply for by knowing your credit score.

There is a number of credit scores that will possibly be good applicants, depending on the credit card.

You wouldn’t like to apply for a card that needs excellent credit if you have bad or no credit.

Your credit score is just a number, but it is also helpful to know all of what is on your credit report.

Inaccurate information can be used in your credit report, and the cleaning up of that information would help improve your credit score. When applying for a new credit card, your income is also very significant.

Credit card businesses are searching for someone’s financial profile that they think is likely to be able to pay their bills every month. If your salary is lower, then a lower credit limit would likely be granted to you or not accepted.

Your Credit Relationship

There are several different kinds of credit behavior displayed in your credit report.

It can display your payments on car loans, student loans, mortgages and other types of revolving accounts, in addition to credit cards.

Your credit card issuer will report the amount of credit you have used in relation to your maximum credit limit per month.

They will also report whether, on time or late, you paid your bill. This data is aggregated and combined into one number, which is generally referred to as your total credit score.

You will boost your credit score by using credit cards wisely and it will help you apply for bigger loans in the future.

How to Use Them Responsibly

Perks and Incentives

Most credit cards come with discounts or bonuses when you use them.

Credit card companies know that there are many credit cards out there that are different. So they want to allow you to use their card to the fullest extent possible. That way, through the exchange fees , they make money.

With each particular credit card, rewards and bonuses vary.

Cash back, airline miles, free hotel nights or other travel incentives will be some prevalent examples.

You also want to make sure that, based on your current travel and spending patterns, the benefits that come with the card are genuinely useful to you.

If the card comes with an annual charge, this is particularly true, make sure that the value of the benefits you receive outweighs the expense of the card’s fee.

Offers/Welcome Bonuses Introductory

The welcome bonus that comes with the card is another thing that you’ll want to look out for while considering getting a new credit card.

Once again, credit card companies realize that competition is fierce, so they allow you to get their card and spend it with them.

For a fixed period of time, some cards offer an introductory 0 percent APR interest rate.

This 0 percent promotional offer is only for new transactions in some situations, although it also applies to balances transferred from other cards in other cases. They’re doing this to try to persuade you to give up your old card and just use their card.

For reaching a certain spending level, another common welcome bonus comes in the form of points or cash back.

For example, 60,000 points after spending $4,000 in the first three months of getting the card may be provided by a premium travel rewards credit card. These welcome bonuses can be very lucrative, especially when opposed to the incentives you will earn on other cards from regular spending.

Final Thoughts

The right credit card for you can vary based on how you use credit cards and what you want from credit cards. You’re using a credit line for spending at its very heart.

To generate good credit, you can use it.To win prizes, you can use it. As a backup payment form, you can use it. Whatever a credit card means to you to stop getting stuck in debt, make sure you know how to use it properly.

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