Find Out if iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Best For Your Needs

iPhone 11 Pro

Establish your budget, storage requirements, hardware preferences, and desired features. The iPhone 11 Pro is the most advanced edition, with the largest display, the best camera, and the most outstanding features. The iPhone 11 and each previous version is just a minor step backward from the next.

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iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

Why they are the best?

The bleeding edge
The iPhone 11 Pro series is your only choice if getting the coolest, most cutting-edge technology is important to you. They’re the only iPhones on the market right now with an edge-to-edge OLED HDR screen, a top-of-the-line three-camera setup, and improved IP68 water resistance.

The biggest and the best
The top-of-the-line edition is the iPhone 11 Pro. It has the largest display — 5.8 inches on the 11 Pro and 6.5 inches on the 11 Pro Max — which makes playing and entertainment a breeze.

The best screen
Although all iPhone 11 and XR models have an edge-to-edge display that covers the entire phone’s face, only the two 11 Pro models use better OLED technology, which produces highly accurate, vibrantly colorful HDR images. The display on the iPhone 11 and XR is edge-to-edge, but it uses a different technology and lacks other features.

The best camera
Although the front-facing cameras on all three iPhone 11 models are identical, the back cameras are very different. Only the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and telephoto lenses, optical zoom and optical image stabilization, and up to 10x digital zoom. They also have three Portrait Lighting options that aren’t available on the iPhone XR.

Face ID
For opening the iPhone and verifying Apple Pay transactions, both iPhone 11 Pro models use the next-generation Face ID recognition software. This functionality is also available on the 11 and XR.

Wireless Charging
Wireless charging via the Qi standard is available on all current iPhone models. Instead of plugging in your iPhone, simply place it on a charging mat to recharge it.

Most storage
Only the iPhone 11 Pro models have a storage capacity of up to 512 GB. Any other model has a maximum storage capacity of 256 GB (on the standard iPhone 11).

NFC & Apple Pay
NFC (Near-Field Communication), the wireless protocol used for Apple Pay transactions, is supported on the 11 Pro series. Apple Pay is also supported by all of the other iPhones on this list.

Newer processors
The iPhone 11 Pro features the most up-to-date and fastest processors (and standard iPhone 11). The A13 Bionic chip outperforms the chip in the previous-generation iPhone XS by a significant margin.

Apple Watch and AirPods compatible
The Apple Watch and Apple’s wireless AirPods earbuds, including the AirPods Pro, are compatible with any phone on this list.

Size and Weight
While having a larger screen than the iPhone 8, the iPhone 11 Pro is just 0.22 inches taller and 0.16 inches wider than the iPhone 8. In addition, the 11 Pro is just 1.41 ounces heavier than the 8.


All of these incredible features aren’t inexpensive. The iPhone 11 Pro series is the most expensive iPhone ever, matching the iPhone X and XS. The iPhone 11 Pro starts at US$999 for the 64 GB model and goes up to $1,449 for the 512 GB model.