How to Keep Track of Your iPhone Data Usage?

How to Keep Track of Your iPhone Data Usage?

March 9, 2021

iPhone Data Usage: It’s difficult to find unlimited cellular data. Keep track of your data use to avoid paying overage fees or have your data speed reduced to a trickle for the remainder of your billing period.

You wouldn’t have to micromanage all of this in a perfect world. But we don’t all live in that world yet, and there are a number of ways to cut down on the amount of data your phone uses.

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How to Check Your iPhone Data Usage

Before you do something else, you can examine your data use. You have no idea how moderately or seriously you need to change your data use habits if you don’t know what your average usage looks like.

You can use Sprint and AT&T‘s calculators to get a rough estimate of your data usage, but the best thing to do is check your usage over the last few months.

iPhone Data Usage

Logging into your cellular provider’s website (or checking your paper bills) and looking at your data usage is the simplest way to verify past data usage. If you find yourself often exceeding your data limit, contact your provider to see if you can move to a less costly data plan. If you’re approaching or hitting your data limit, you should probably keep reading.

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You can also search your iPhone’s recent cellular data use. Go to Cellular > Settings. Scroll down to see the sum of data shown for the “Current Period” under “Cellular Data Usage.”

Don’t be alarmed if you see a very big number on this screen; it’s very confusing! Since this duration does not automatically reset every month, the data use shown here may be a sum of several months. Only when you scroll to the bottom of the screen and press the “Reset Statistics” option does this number reset. You will see when you last reset the numbers by scrolling down.

If you want this screen to display a running total for your current cellular billing period, you must visit it on the first day of each month’s new billing period to reset the statistics. There’s no way to get it to reset automatically on a monthly basis. Yes, the style is inconvenient.

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