iPhone Issues: Ways to Fix Sound and Volume If It Is Not Working

iPhone Issues: Ways to Fix Sound and Volume If It Is Not Working

December 18, 2020

Maybe you wonder how to Fix iPhone Sound and Volume Issues? The disparity in loudness between music is one of the most irritating issues that you are likely to encounter while listening to digital music on your iPhone. As you build up your collection, it’s almost inevitable that discrepancies in volume levels between songs will occur. Because the material of most digital music collections comes from various sources such as download music, ripped tracks from music CDs among others, it’s no wonder that you will gradually find yourself progressively manually adjusting the volume level.

The excellent thing is that on the iPhone you don’t have to suffer from this annoyance — you can use the option of Sound Check. This device works by measuring the loudness of all the songs you have synced to your iPhone and then determining for each one a normalized amount of playback sound. This move means that the volume is the same for all the songs you play.

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Fix iPhone Sound and Volume Issues

Fortunately, this output volume adjustment is not irreversible and you can return to the original volume levels at any time by turning off Sound Check.

 iPhone Sound and Volume Issues

By default, his option is disabled, but if you know where to look, you can easily turn it on. Follow the steps below to find out how to configure Sound Check for your iPhone:

1. Tap the Settings icon on the Home Screen.

2. You’ll see a wide list of choices on the next screen for the various areas of the iPhone you can adjust. Scroll down until the Music option appears. To access its sub-menu, pick it by tapping on it.

3. Look for and enable the Sound Check option by sliding your finger to the right. Likewise, you can easily press the on/off button as well.

4. Now that you have activated Sound Check, click the [Home button] on your iPhone to exit the Music settings and return to the home menu.

5. Finally click on the music icon to start playing your normalized album selection and play your albums and playlists just as you usually would.

There you have it! Ways to Fix iPhone Sound and Volume Issues

Note, to turn this function off you can disable Sound Check at any time simply by following the steps above.

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