How to Disable Your iPhone’s Location History Tracking

iPhone's Location History

If you have Location Services switched on, your iPhone keeps track of where you go by default. Although Apple claims that this history is encrypted end-to-end, you do not want it built in the first place. It’s simple to switch off iPhone’s location history, but it’s hidden behind layers of menus. Here’s how to do it.

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.
2. Tap Privacy
3. In privacy, select location Services
4. In Location Services, you need to scroll down and choose System Services
5. From here choose “Significant locations”
6. In “Significant Locations,” tap the switch beside “Significant Locations” to turn it off.

“Significant Locations” on an iPhone are places you frequent, such as your home or office. By tracking your movements and inferring about your everyday routines, your iPhone learns where those places are. One advantage is that you can tell Siri to “take me home” or set Reminders to remind you of something when you arrive at a Significant Location.

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You’ll see a scary-looking message about disabling Significant Locations when you press the button. But don’t worry, it’s not needed for any of the apps mentioned. Switch off the device by pressing the “Turn Off” button.

Meanwhile, you can scroll down and check your location history data while on the “Significant Locations” screen. Tap “Clear History” to get rid of it.

You’re all set now. Simply exit Settings and your iPhone will stop tracking your every move. It’s starting to feel a lot like the 1990s!