How to: Make Your Number Private on Android Phones

How to: Make Your Number Private on Android Phones

December 28, 2020

This article takes you through a few different ways to make your number private so that your phone number is not shown on your caller ID when you call anyone.

How to make your number private?

*67: A Simple No Caller ID Trick

Using the *67 tricks while dialing is one of the fastest and simplest ways to mask your number from the person you’re calling. That will make the person you call register your number as ‘Private’. For any call you want to make with a secret number, you’ll have to do it, but if you only need to hide your number now and then, this is a great way to keep your number private.

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Using the No Caller ID Hide Number trick

On most mobile carriers, almost all Android devices offer the option to mask your number by default, making it unnecessary to enter *67 every time you call. Here’s how to use your phone’s built-in Hide Number feature to block your cell phone number.

1. In your app menu or at the bottom of your device’s home screen, pick the phone (or phone) icon.

2. In the top-right corner of the browser, click a three-dot menu icon.

3. Choose Settings.

4. Choose Calls.

5. Select Supplementary Settings.

6. When loading is done, choose the caller ID.

7. On the pop-up menu, select Hide Number.

Instead of appearing as Blocked, Private, or No Caller ID, this no caller ID trick can make it so that your number never shows up when you ring someone. If you want your number to appear momentarily again, you can preface the number with *82 you are calling. Alternatively, simply repeat the steps above and last, pick Network Default or Display if you want to turn off your number block.

If your system doesn’t have the option of directly blocking your number, then you’ll have to ask your carrier to do it for you. This can sometimes be finalized with the official application such as T-Mobile App, Sprint App, AT&T App, and Verizon App. If your carrier doe not supports an app, call your carrier directly.

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