Must-Have Sales Training Tools for Your Business

Must-Have Sales Training Tools for Your Business

January 4, 2022

According to research on the impact of sales training, companies whose “sales skills training programs exceeded expectations had significantly higher win rates (52.6 percent) than companies whose training programs met expectations (48 percent) or needed improvement (40.5 percent).”

Starting with what we expect from training in general, and online corporate training in particular, we’ll look at certain expectations. It ultimately boils down to learning new things that will aid us in our work. Your online learning, on the other hand, will be useless, time-consuming, and just plain tiresome if you construct training modules from all of your company’s educational assets. Imagine having to keep potential customers waiting while they go through such a training session with a sales manager. Those who do will not be able to do so

Consequently, your training should be beneficial, relevant to your learning objectives, and interesting. Assume you wish to improve the client communication skills of your sales managers. Giving them a pamphlet with bespoke lines or allowing them to practice communication skills in a dialogue simulation would be more helpful.

An authoring tool, a learning management system, a microlearning platform, a virtual instructor-led training tool, and a communication tool are all required to establish and maintain efficient online sales training in your business. They’ll take care of everything you need to learn, from designing and delivering training to enabling communication. Let’s take a look at each one individually.

A platform for microlearning

A microlearning platform combines the features of a writing tool and an LMS into one platform. It enables you to design and deliver bite-sized eLearning content to employees. For small businesses with less than 100 employees, microlearning platforms are a good learning option. Although their usefulness is restricted, you can nevertheless give salespeople short product training sessions that they can complete on their mobile devices in their spare time.

A tool for virtual instructor-led instruction

Face-to-face sessions are still in demand due to their huge advantage of human interaction, even though online courses and other eLearning content play the most important role in modern training. You’ll also need the correct instrument to achieve your learning goals utilizing this method. Zoom is one of the most widely used virtual instructor-led applications today.

However, while Zoom is a good option, both students and instructors are essentially limited in terms of being able to deliver instructional materials, see learners, and receive feedback or queries via chat with them. More advanced capabilities, such as Microsoft Teams’ whiteboard, allow trainees to co-develop projects, brainstorm and more using collaborative tools.

Some software, such as RecRoom, allows you to use characters to conduct VR training sessions in in-game locales. Learning encounters become more engaging and productive as a result of such qualities.

Must-Have Sales Training Tools for Your Business

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A Learning Management System (LMS)

Training management software for delivering training programs and tracking trainee progress is known as a learning management system or LMS. The online university is the same as your company’s own online university, where all educational resources for various departments are stored, as well as information such as the number of courses taken, which ones were passed and which were not.

Let’s take a look at the iSpring Learn LMS to discover what this type of product can achieve for your sales team. All training management activities may be automated with iSpring Learn, which will provide an onboarding course to new salespeople, alert the sales force of a product update, and entertain analyze their knowledge and skills. Also included are statistics on each person, so you can see exactly what they’re strong at and what they need to improve on. Learners can access resources at any time and from any device.

Creating small courses is also possible with some LMSs’ built-in writing tools. iSpring Learn also offers a web-based course generator that allows you to easily create article-like courses, and unlike other LMSs on the market, it comes with iSpring Suite, allowing you to create any eLearning content you want and then deliver it through iSpring Learn.

An authoring tool

To build eLearning content and convert it into an online format so that you can offer it later via a learning management system, you’ll need a SCORM authoring tool. Authoring tools have a variety of features, but the most important ones are the same. Using them, you can:

  • Create courses
  • Build assessments
  • Create customer communication simulations
  • Record screencasts and video-based lessons

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A communication tool

Any learning process, including sales training, requires communication. Salespeople must communicate new knowledge and abilities, explore new methods, and share various techniques in order to trade ideas. But how will they be able to do so if they work and study from home? It’s difficult to see them doing this over email. While social networking may be beneficial to some people, many employees choose to keep their personal lives private.

If you find yourself in this circumstance, a communication tool could be a perfect answer. They have a variety of features: some serve as corporate messengers (such as Slack), while others serve as corporate social media (like Workplace). Choose the one that you and your salespeople find the most relevant, and your sales training may become more lasting and insightful simply because trainees have the opportunity to debate it later in the course.


So there you have it: a list of sales training tools. Depending on your company’s learning goals and objectives, you can use some or all of them. We hope you’ve found a great solution for your situation and are now able to create online learning that exceeds your expectations. Best of luck!

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