Refurbished Smartphones: What to Look For

Refurbished Smartphones: What to Look For

Apple released the iPhone 13 and iOS 15 a year earlier. In actuality, Apple introduces a new iPhone and iteration of iOS each year. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were released in September 2017 and as of that point, they are running iOS 16.

So, consider this: Should you really be concerned about purchasing a smartphone that is one, two, or even three years old if iOS 16, which will be launched in late 2022, is supported on a device manufactured in 2017?

Find out why you shouldn’t purchase a brand-new smartphone by reading on.

The definition of “refurbished”

Refurbish means “to furnish anew; remodel; brighten,” according to Synonyms for “refurbishing” include repaired, restored, fixed, and rebuilt. In essence, this means that when you purchase a “refurbished” smartphone, you are doing so for a device that has undergone repair and/or rebuilding.

It sounds straightforward, but there isn’t always a clear definition when it comes to reconditioned smartphones. Refurbishment might mean different things to different businesses when it comes to smartphones. For instance, Apple and Samsung both state that they always replace the outer shell and assign a brand-new, unique IMEI.

A thorough cleaning is also done as part of the refurbishing process by Apple and Samsung. The battery is replaced throughout the refurbishing process, while Apple and Samsung may perform this change the most frequently.

How does refurbished differ from gently used?

A process when a refurbished phone is examined, cleaned, and repaired is often carried out by a business. In many circumstances, refurbished phones will appear and perform just like brand-new ones. A gently used smartphone, on the other hand, usually transfers from the present owner to the new one.

However, it’s crucial to remember that not all smartphones require refurbishment, so you shouldn’t rule out buying a gently used one. It’s actually a terrific method to save money to purchase a gently used smartphone directly from the owner. Moreover, if you purchase you gently used smartphone from a reliable online retailer.

Why buying a reconditioned smartphone is beneficial

There are a number of benefits to purchasing refurbished cell phones, some of which are the same as the advantages of purchasing a gently used smartphone.

  • Maintain gadgets longer: Modern smartphones receive software and security updates for years to come, so a phone that is a year or two old should never be regarded as outdated.
  • Purchase items directly from the manufacturer: Apple kept the iPhone 13 small on hand when the iPhone 14 was announced, but the iPhone 12 mini is still a fantastic smartphone and is not available through Apple. An excellent approach to getting the phone you want is to purchase a refurbished or lightly used iPhone 12 mini.
  • Save money: Keeping more of your money in your bank account is probably the most significant benefit of purchasing gently used or refurbished technology.

Although buying a lightly used smartphone will save you the most money, refurbished smartphones are still a wonderful option. You may shop with confidence when you buy from a vendor.

For instance, if you buy from Apple, a refurbished, unlocked iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB of storage costs $559 (as of October 2022).

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Are there any downsides to purchasing pre-owned or reconditioned goods?

Purchasing a gently used or refurbished smartphone has no drawbacks. However, since different businesses have varying standards for reconditioning, you should double-check the information before purchasing a refurbished smartphone. Make a note of details like the parts that have been replaced, whether they are third-party or genuine, and whether any accessories have been added.

Similarly to this, you should carefully read the listing details or contact the seller before purchasing a gently used smartphone. For instance, some vendors sell a gently used smartphone alone, but others sell accessories like a charging cable or case.

Although it’s not strictly speaking a drawback, some purchasers prefer to acquire a brand-new, unused, never-opened smartphone that comes with brand-new accessories.

The largest benefit of purchasing a lightly used or refurbished smartphone is probably the ability to save money if you’re dealing with a trusted seller through a reputable marketplace. Prices for gently used smartphones are often the lowest, followed by those for refurbished smartphones, and finally those for completely new smartphones.

Will a gently used or refurbished smartphone last?

Generally speaking, you can anticipate a gently used or refurbished smartphone to last for several years.

Of all things, even a brand-new piece of electronic equipment could have problems, so there is always a solid reason to exercise caution. To put it simply, you should be able to buy with confidence if you use a reputable seller or marketplace, pay attention to the return policy, and verify if there is a warranty.

Smartphones that are refurbished and bought from Apple or Samsung come with a warranty. A warranty might also be offered by smaller cell phone repair shops that sell reconditioned smartphones.