Why People Keep Buying iPhones And Why iPhone Reselling Is Easy?

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Let set aside the debate over iOS and Android here. Whether you are Android or iPhone users, each side has the reason why they made the right choice. Both parties insulting each other. Argument aside, there is a good reason why people prefer to choose the operating system. Whether you are a cellphone store, you resell iPhone or for personal use, you need to continue reading to know more why people love iPhones

What is the solid reason why people keep buying iPhones anyway? Let’s discuss the iPhone myths below.

They Loving The iOS better than any other OS

Though Android fans question why some people do choose the iPhone even if there are some outdated functionalities compared to Android. People love iOS because they tried both operating systems. They love the design and interface of an Apple device. People love how the iPhone being straight forward, working right away out of the box. They prefer simple compared to Android. Well, we all know that Android has extensive customization.

Supports App that People need that most

All the popular apps accessing the world wide web are available in the iOS App Store. AppStore is much more filtered in terms of “peoples what really need”, compared to huge selection on Android Playstore.

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Security of iOS

All operating systems can be infected by malware. All apps are immune to that. These vulnerabilities cause people’s usage. One reason is when using a public or free WI-Fi which causes a security issue. People always think iOs is more secured than Android because of its proven reputation.

Apple Knows What they are doing with their devices

Most people that have Apple products like Mac and iPad consider buying iPhones. Reason for that they are many third-party devices you can integrate across Apple products and other smartphone manufacturers. For example, iCloud can easily migrate your important document across other devices securely.

iPhone are well-known

When someone walks into a smartphone store, the Apple device is easily recognized. Picking a smartphone from other smartphone is hard because they have different design and releases each year. Apple focuses on quality over quality.

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(iPhone Fans checking the new iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max)

No added bloatware

Most smartphones are loaded with bloatware, carriers teaming up with manufacturers for additional apps and feature to gain from their own benefits. iPhones are not loaded with bloatware added by carriers. This is one of the disadvantages of Android phones. For example, People love Google but once you purchase Android phones apps will be added of its own. Most of the pre-installed Google apps on your Android phone are not beneficial to all.

iPhone last longer

Apple has a reputation for supporting older iPhones. Phones that are supported by a company since its release is a more attractive choice for consumers. Iphone’s older model still gets an update until today.

iPhone is Easy to Reseller

If you want to start a cellphone business, iPhone is easy to resell. iPhone users keep their older phones until the new model release and then reselling to purchase a new one. According to statics, iPhone devices are an easier device to deal with especially if it is in good condition. Android smartphone is everywhere, and Apple is like a gem in the sand that holds its value pretty well.