The New Samsung S21 Ultra Review

Samsung S21 Ultra

Samsung S21 Ultra: Finding the right Samsung phones can be difficult for most consumers, given the sheer number of devices it launches every year. It makes no difference whether you want a high-end or low-cost unit. Samsung has a wide variety of products to fit all budgets.

We have compiled this list of the best Samsung smartphones to make it easier for you to find the one that best fits your needs. We’ll explain why a device made it onto our list and provide you with links to more in-depth reviews. This will assist you in cutting through the clutter and determining the best Samsung handset.


The best OLED screen, 1000+nits, 1440p, 120Hz, HDR10+, S-Pen.
Phenomenal fingerprint scanner performance.
Outstanding battery life, fast to top-up the 5,000mAh battery.
Stereo speakers with good loudness.
The fastest Android chipset, 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, Ultra-Wide Band.
OneUI is super smooth, clutter-free, S-Pen support.
The daylight photos are good across the board even if a bit overprocessed.
The selfies are excellent.
The 4K30 videos are great.


Somewhat bulky and slippery.
The image processing needs further refinements.
We don’t miss the microSD slot, but some of you might.
No charger, no headphones in the box.
Uses different chipsets in different regions.

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Galaxy S21 Ultra: The Spec Monster

The Galaxy S21 Ultra must step into some big shoes. It comes after Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra, which was the company’s all-in-one handset. Last year’s flagship was jam-packed with the best of Samsung’s offerings. The Galaxy S21 Ultra has a similar tale, as it is the company’s undisputed spec beast.

Samsung’s new high-end flagship has a 6.8-inch monitor with an adaptive refresh rate of 10Hz to 120Hz. At the highest WQHD+ resolution, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will achieve a 120Hz refresh rate. The Galaxy S21 Ultra will be available with an Exynos 2100 or Snapdragon 888 chipset, depending on the market. It has up to 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage. Since the unit lacks a microSD card slot, there is no way to expand it externally.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra keeps the same 5,000mAh battery as its predecessor. It does get a new camera system, which includes two telephotos (zoom) cameras with a 100x Space Zoom capability. It also receives a slew of new software features that make the most of the camera’s capabilities.

Even the S Pen has a following. The S Pen is available for the first time on a Galaxy system that isn’t a Note. One, however, does not come standard with the unit. Since the S Pen does not slide inside the smartphone, you’ll need to purchase it separately, along with a case that allows you to hold it.

Samsung also set the bar for the rest of the Smartphone manufacturers once again. This phone will continue to be the best Galaxy phone released this year. No other Samsung phone due in 2021 will have the same specifications as this one. Aside from the hardware, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has the excellent build quality and a beautiful design.

Reason to Buy:

Powerful cameras, long battery life, a stunning monitor, and outstanding results

Who Should Buy?:

Loyal Samsung fans, mobile gaming enthusiasts, mobile photographers, and vloggers.