Spectrum Moving Service: How To Transfer When Moving To A New Address

Spectrum Moving Service: How To Transfer When Moving To A New Address

November 24, 2022

Moving is difficult enough, moving spectrum service shouldn’t be. Discover how easy it is to move your internet, tv, and phone services to your new address.

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to a far-flung part of the country or just on the other street, relocating is really stressful experience. From the sorting, packing, to moving, and setting up to your new place the least of your worry should be your TV or Internet provider. Spectrum’s no-contract services and easy transfer allow you to focus on the important stuff.

Moving Spectrum Service fees in detail.

The fees you’ll have to pay when moving Spectrum service depends on the services you’re going to transfer and if it can be self-installed. So, here is what they are and how you can probably avoid them.

Spectrum moving fee

Spectrum charges customers a one-time fee of $9.99 to relocate their service, you just have to call them at 1.855.363.4906 to set up an appointment and the fee will be added to your next bill. Spectrum advises users to arrange a transfer with a minimum of two weeks before the move.

Spectrum new installation fee

There are cases where current Spectrum users are still going get charge for new installation fee though they already have the equipment. You may get charge Spectrum’s one-time new installation fee of $49.99 if a technician is required to come or you weren’ able to transfer within 30 days of disconnecting it from the old address.

Spectrum Wi-Fi activation fee

Customers may get charged a one-time Wi-Fi activation fee for their Spectrum internet for setting up on the new address. TV and Voice users don’t have to worry about the fee unless they will bundle it up to Spectrum triple play with the internet.

Spectrum self-install eligibility

A great way to avoid being charged a professional installation fee is to do a self-install. Especially now during the Covid-19, Spectrum Internet subscribers are encouraged to do self-installation. So with this offer, you can take advantage of moving your Spectrum Internet to a new location without worrying about getting charged. (Learn More about Spectrum Self-Install)

You have to make sure that you contact Spectrum beforehand to check for your eligibility. If self-installation is not available and you move without setting up an appointment, you could be moving to a new place without service for a few days!

Frequently asked questions about moving Time Warner Spectrum services.

How can I contact Spectrum?

You can call 1.855.363.4906 to contact and speak with Spectrum agent about moving your services. Spectrum advises doing this at least a week or two before moving.

Do i need to return my equipment?

Once you call the hotline about moving spectrum service, they will let you know if you can bring your old equipment to the new location or not. You can also return the old equipment to any local store or return using UPS. Spectrum will advise you on how to.

What if Spectrum services aren’t available at my new home?

Spectrum representative can help you find a provider that does work for you at your new location. Be sure to return your equipment to Spectrum before your transfer or you’ll get charged for the amount of the equipment on your final bill.

How fast i can get Spectrum Services at my new home?

Spectrum Moving service is fast and it will be available as soon as the installation is complete. If you have to schedule professional installation, the start of your new services is contingent on tech availability and the schedule of appointments.

Can i activate Spectrum services at my new location before i arrived?

You can activate your Spectrum service at your new address as soon as you are ready. But, services at your old location will stop after the transfer. To make sure that doesn’t happen, ensure that you are already at your new home before activating the service.

What if my move-in date is postpone or change?

You can postpone moving your Spectrum service by calling 1.855.363.4906 and change your appointment. The more advance you reschedule a technician, the higher the possibility that you will have your service at your new home before you move in.


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