How To Establish a Merchant Account When Starting A Business

How To Establish a Merchant Account When Starting A Business

February 24, 2022

Merchant Account: So, you have made that huge step, that jump into the bottomless pit of business. You proceeded to choose to start a business. You’ve incorporated, formed an LLC, got an Employer Identification Number (EIN), a reseller’s license, and opened a ledger or bank account.

You know in your heart that you will work admirably, have some good times, and rake in some serious cash! You may even have pondered how your clients are going to pay you: money, checks, cash orders, bank transfers, bargaining, or credit cards. Any business in the present card-only economy needs to accept credit cards. Except if you’re selling in the streets, to be perfectly honest, you won’t survive without accepting the cards. We as a whole know, it used to be the all-powerful dollar, circumstances are different, times have changed.

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So what does it take to accept cards?

It’s called a merchant account and it includes filling out many more forms and hoping to get approved. What does it mean by hope? Well, approval depends on various factors, for example, are you swiping or keying in the transactions? What’s your normal or average and high ticket sales amount? What month to month volume you are requesting? How monetarily or financially strong you are? what amount of cash do you have in the bank?, and how is your FICO rating?

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Great, you’d think you were purchasing a vehicle! A merchant account will place cash in your business bank account upon approval, yet there are expenses to pay, periodic refunds you will do, and chargebacks. So application and all the records that go with it are to ensure you are a decent or good risk and can be trusted to pay what you owe.

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Now you realize you have to get a merchant account, however where do you get one?

You can look through the internet and deal with a total stranger who will need your social security number, driver’s license, personal information, and so forth., or you could go to your bank and they will have somebody get in touch with you by telephone but bank representatives don’t commonly deal with merchant accounts.

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How To Establish a Merchant Account When Starting A Business

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