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What To Consider In A Smart Home Security System for your Business

Global Market for Smart Home Security is growing, the report says that it is expected to grow to $4.30 billion in 2022. Continuous crime rates growing, awareness and monitoring are the factors of its growth. Technological advancement competition is high among manufacturers.

Smart Home Security systems have added a lot of features. However, few of them are useful in different situations. You need a thorough knowledge and background checks before investing in any smart security system.

No one is capable of motoring activities everywhere at once. When it comes to safety or monitoring your business, smart home security or surveillance camera is all you need.

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Benefits of Smart Home Security System for your Business

Keep Constant Eye
You can monitor your business activity using a smart camera everywhere at once. You can monitor employees’ and visitors’ activities and operations. It is also beneficial for businesses that are hiring overseas or freelancers with remote access. It will benefit your business to resolve problems, employee monitoring to boost your business productivity.

Avoid Crime and Discourage Theft
Security camera footage will be beneficial for your business providing evidence when a crime is committed. Security cameras will deter theft if they know security cameras are installed. Also, some inside jobs and punctuality issues with employees will not likely happen inside your business if you have a security camera installed.

Work with Peace
Having a camera installed both entrance and exit, employees will feel protected. Cameras will prevent harassment, littering, vandalism, and other employees’ wrongdoings. The safer environment will help your employees to improve their productivity.

Dishonest Claims
If your company is being sued whether an injury, harassment, or accident or occurs on-site with false claims. Having security camera footage is very beneficial as proof to the court if needed.

smart home security

What you should consider when investing for your business?

Wireless System
Clean, No hanging wires and no messy drilling holes

Theft and Security Alarm
One of the best features of security alarm, it notifies you in time of breach or danger occurs

Remote Monitoring
Monitoring capabilities is the main feature you need to consider. Monitoring your home will protect your home at any time.

Professionally Installed
You can DIY anytime if you want. However, hiring a professional installer is an easier and much faster process.

Excellent Customer Support
You should always look with companies with excellent support. Check reviews online and customer reports.

Quality of the Cameras
Camera quality is very vital when it comes to monitoring. Home security with a bad camera is useless.

Mobile Access Capabilities
This is very important especially when you are always out of your home. Features like email, text notification, and monitoring with your smartphone are very important.

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How Long Does Home Security Company Keep Footage?

How Long Does Home Security Company Keep Footage?

When choosing a home security company for your house, one of the factors to consider is how long a home security camera can store footage.

This is, nevertheless, one of the things that are frequently disregarded.

The longer your security system can store film, the better—giving you peace of mind that you can always check old footage.

How Long Do the Different Home Security Companies Keep Footage?

ADT’s blue

How Long Does Home Security Company Keep Footage?

Blue by ADT cameras can save and upload up to 24 hours of footage to their cloud server for free.

By purchasing a video storage plan, this term can be extended by up to 60 days.


How Long Does Home Security Company Keep Footage?

For up to 10 cameras on their Interactive monitoring plan and up to 5 cameras on their Self-monitoring plan, SimpliSafe keeps video footage of all triggering events for 30 days.

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How Long Does Home Security Company Keep Footage?

Vivint cameras can keep video for up to 14 days on their own. However, the cameras can only record short video segments of 20 to 90 seconds.

With a 1 TB hard disk, Vivint’s smart drive DVR can capture and store 24/7 video footage locally for up to 30 days from up to four cameras, allowing you to keep the recordings for longer.

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How Long Does Home Security Company Keep Footage?

When you subscribe to one of Ring’s subscription plans, you get between 30 and 60 days of footage storage, depending on where you live.

All video footage is saved in the cloud, but you can download and save it locally if you wish to preserve it for a longer time.

If you don’t have a subscription, you can only utilize the live view option, which means your cameras won’t save any footage.

What Happens to Old Footages?

When the storage unit runs out of space, the oldest video footage stored on hard drives and memory cards is normally removed automatically, and fresh video footage is captured in its place.

Old footage stored on cloud servers is normally erased after a set length of time, depending on the amount of storage space available.

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