How To Effectively Follow Up With Your Potential Clients

How To Effectively Follow Up With Your Potential Clients

We are often asked by agents to have some best practices for tactfully following up on leads because sales can take time. In the tips below, we’ll first describe the basic problem before offering solutions you can use right away! It’s important to bear in mind that some of these approaches need permission to communicate.

The call goes unanswered

You called. You’ve left a note. They didn’t return my call. It’s convenient to assume the leads are dead, but statistically speaking, it isn’t! There are two crucial aspects to remember in this case. To begin, studies show that 80 percent of sales require five follow-up calls to close (some studies suggest as many as eight!). So, after one, two, or even three phone calls, never give up! Second, it’s likely that talking on the phone isn’t the prospect’s favorite method of contact. Instead, send a text message, email, instant message, or physical letter.

The prospect is reluctant to meet or share any additional details

A prospect’s unwillingness to make the next move does not imply that they are uninterested in your services. After all, they made contact with you in some way! Continuing education is a perfect way to stay on a prospect’s radar. Make a call to remind them of their deadline, send a text with a link to a recent and important post, or set up a drip email campaign that informs customers about their choices and how you can assist them.

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The leads are “too old.”

We all have the drawer or file folder with “cold leads” for agents who have been selling for a while. Although many agents use these leads only as a last resort, there is proof that they are successful (taking into consideration the allotted timeframe for permission to contact). These prospects may be back in the market for a variety of reasons, including disappointment with their current strategy or agent. Give them a call and save their day (and yours)!

The prospect responds with the usual “I’ll think about it” response

Any agent who finds an answer like “I’ll have to think about it” a firm “no” opens the door for agents like you to come in and close the deal. Keep the leads on your callback list and follow up with them on a regular basis. It’s important to avoid phrases like “have you made your decision yet?” Instead, tell them it’s fine to take their time while making a big decision and ask if you can follow up with them later.

The leads were misplaced in the digital shuffle

With all of the various communication techniques that agents use these days, a conversation may become cold, even if unintentionally. It’s also worthwhile to go back through old emails and social media posts and see if there’s someone who’s been forgotten. Did you give someone a message and they didn’t respond? Perhaps your message was sent at an inopportune moment for the prospect. Return the call to see if you can answer any questions.

You put a lot of effort into marketing, prospecting, and referrals in order to expand your business. Having a system in place for managing leads will help ensure that they don’t slip through the cracks and that the time and resources are put to the best possible use.

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Digital Marketing Plans

Digital Marketing Plans That Actually Work for Your Business

It can be challenging to develop and implement a successful digital marketing plan, especially with so many marketing concepts and techniques floating around nowadays.

A successful digital marketing plan can boost product or service sales and distinguish your company from the competition.

With all of these advantages, it’s clear that it’s critical to experiment with new digital marketing methods and keep your marketing strategy up to date. However, deciding which digital marketing technique to use might be difficult. We’ve compiled a list of 5 effective digital marketing methods to assist you.

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Using Content Created by Users

UGC stands for user-generated content, and it refers to any content provided by people. UGC is typically made available to the general population via social media. Photos, videos, blog posts, reviews, and other forms of UGC are available. Companies can use user-generated content (UGC) to sell themselves. You may build a stockpile of user-generated content that you can use in your marketing efforts by encouraging loyal customers to create and share content about your business online.

GoPro‘s utilization of user-generated video is one example of a successful UGC strategy. GoPro captures films, which are then uploaded to their YouTube account and filmed on their products by customers. They urge their fans to create additional videos of their experiences and upload them online by posting user-created content.

Utilizing Instagram Features

Instagram is still a popular social media channel for generating sales and building a loyal following. Why Should You Use Instagram to Develop Your Brand? Instagram is a terrific platform for developing a brand because it allows you to upload gorgeous photographs, videos, and information about your products and services, as well as entertain people, allowing you to grow your following and customer base.

Reels, which allows you to post vertical, short-form videos, is one of Instagram’s features. Instagram Stories is also a fantastic platform for people who want to post frequently, share content, and use stickers to spread the word about their company. Instagram Shopping is another tool that your company should use, especially if you’re trying to sell things. Consumers may shop directly from your Instagram page with this valuable option.

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Digital Marketing Plans

Wayfair, an online home retailer, uses Instagram Shopping to include information and pricing details about its products in its posts. This makes their products easier to find and effortlessly emphasizes them, allowing users to quickly search for furniture or home goods when they come across something they wish to buy.

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Creating a Blog

In recent years, blog postings have remained the most popular type of material. Engaging blogs can help you generate leads and increase website traffic. Blogs can also help you rank for long-tail keywords and boost your company’s social media presence. Users might locate your website more easily on search engines if your blog is regularly updated.

Mastercard‘s travel blog, which is provided as a resource for clients to gather information about traveling while also utilizing a Mastercard credit card to help them pay for their trips, has proven extremely successful. Articles on travel-related topics such as entertainment, arts and culture, health and wellbeing, and even culinary instruction can be found on the blog.

Concentrating on Your Target Market

Because it helps you generate content that effectively matches your target audience’s demographics and interests, knowing who your target audience is essential. The group of people who are most likely to desire to buy your goods or service is known as your target audience. Age, gender, income, location, interests, and other factors can all play a role.

Red Bull is well-known for its energy drinks, but it is also connected with extreme sports. Red Bull captivates its audience through intense sports content rather than focusing entirely on promoting its energy drink. This is an excellent example of a brand customizing material to the preferred lifestyle of its target audience rather than simply marketing its product.

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Leveraging Creative Videos

Whether the videos are used organically or for adverts, incorporating videos into a digital marketing strategy will help your brand better catch people’s attention. The usage of videos in marketing is on the rise, as evidenced by a Google statistic: most people prefer to watch internet videos rather than watch television. There are currently more video content platforms than ever before. Businesses, for example, can organically post videos on sites like TikTok or Instagram. Short video commercials, such as pre-roll ads on YouTube, are also a great method to reach new audiences.

Creating a Successful Strategy

It’s time to establish a plan now that you’re up to speed on effective digital marketing methods. Discuss how you can best use these methods with your team or marketing agency. Consider which technique would be the most beneficial to your company.

Consider the items or services that your company provides and decide which method would be the most effective in achieving your marketing goals. Make a list of the steps you’ll take to reach your objectives. You can improve your brand and take your company to the next level by employing these popular digital marketing methods.

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