Vivint Smart Home Security App

Vivint Smart Home App: Smart Mobile App that Gives You a Peace of Mind

Vivint smart home app will send you notification straight to your mobile phone when some tries to open your door. An App that automatically close and locked your door at night. You can talk through your doorbell camera if someone is knocking on your door or if there is food delivery to you. Vivint Smart Home App has all those features you need!

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Vivint Smart Home App Let you control your with Ease

Vivint App will send you notifications when there is a security breach if you forgot to lock or close your door and smoke alarm. You can also set up your smart devices and lock your doors at a specific time through your app.

Vivint Smart Home App

Vivint App Features

The Vivint Smart Home app boasts a number of features and advanced functionality:

  • Complete system control. Provides centralized control of your entire smart home system from one place, including your thermostat, locks, cameras, security system, and lights.
  • View realtime videos and recorded video. From your app, you can also monitor your home’s camera footage weather live stream, or recorded videos. You can view real-time live feeds for your indoor and outdoor cameras when you are logged into your mobile app.
  • Alerts System straight to your mobile phone. If you left a door left unlocked, a smoke alarm, or a security system breach. The app will receive system alerts to specific events,
  • Two-way talk feature. Communicate directly with the 24/7 security monitoring center. Also, you can communicate through smart devices like the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro™or your Vivint Ping Camera, with the two-way talk feature.
  • Custom routines. To personalize your system, you can also set up custom routines right inside the app. For example, you can automatically lock your doors at a specific time or disarm your security system when you unlock your front door.
  • Multiple user accounts. Everyone in the family can have access to the app with individual user accounts. You can also create permissions and set limits for specific users, which is particularly handy if you don’t want your kids to fiddle with the thermostat or change notification settings.

Most importantly, your whole family can use the Vivint App, you can set access limits on particular users especially for kids for a particular device. Being able to have all features listed above gives you a certain peace of mind. Having a Vivint Alarm with a smart and functional mobile app will benefit your family.

Home Security Sales You Need To Know

Tips: Home Security Sales You Need To Know

The global home security market is projected to rise from $28.31 billion in 2014 to $47.54 billion by 2020. With figures like that, home security sales reps, now is the time to hone your home security sales tactics and expertise at the door. Knocking on a door, sending a scare-tactic call, and having the person at the door sign on the dotted line is no longer a viable way to sell home security goods and/or services. It’s all about relationship building and nurturing, with an emphasis on educating the future customer as a base.

Here are a few home security sales tips to get you started on your way to earning your share of the estimated $47 billion!

Story Telling

Make use of holistic storytelling. With such a wide range of security technologies and services available today, customers must make a significant decision. They must make the decision to buy goods and services that will sustain a certain degree of security in their homes that they find appropriate for their comfort.

According to a Nielsen report, as consumers collect information, they want a personal connection. In reality, storytelling stimulates the human brain more than spewing cold, hard facts at others.

Consumers are now more knowledgeable as a result of the expansive development of the home security sector in particular; however, they still yearn for more. They want to know the truth about security products in services and have questions like:

  • What are some valid home protection solutions that meet the needs and financial condition of my family while still securing our home?
  • What would it REALLY cost me every month?
  • What sort of home security plan would I need to fulfill my security objectives?
  • Which company/brand can I REALLY rely on for home security?

Using a methodology known as holistic storytelling to accurately address these questions and other possible consumer security-related issues at the entrance. This includes giving a full presentation/pitch at the door, complete with a story to engage the individual. Your time will be better spent if you educate the correct details about your home protection product or service, and the customer will be pleased that you took the time to communicate with him/her in this manner.

Here’s a simple how-to guide for holistic home security storytelling at the door to help you get started:

  1. When the person answers the door, explain why you knocked and why you’re standing on their porch. To quickly interact and communicate with the person at the door, add the personal touch and common courtesy of introducing yourself and your company/brand.
  2. Ask a question to entice the person at the door to speak up. The question can lead into your story, but the goal is to pique the customer’s interest by answering it.
  3. Tell your story frankly and sincerely. Concentrate on educating the consumer. To do so, you must first consider what the consumer wants/needs to know about home security.

As you discuss your home security product or service offering, strategically inject questions into your story that encourage the person at the door to react as you listen to find out exactly what he or she needs to hear. To better inform, change the sales story at the door to include information relevant to what the customer said.

Finish with a strong closing pitch and a call to action at the end.

Finally, the story you share at the door should be something you enjoy telling. If you don’t believe in or want to say the story, it will come across in your voice and body language.

Be Professional

Maintain a professional demeanor. This is something we hear all the time, but what does it actually mean? It means different things to different people depending on a number of factors such as job description, job duties, professional obligations, behavior, and so on. For example, you could dress up for a job interview in a suit and tie, when in fact, the job only requires khaki pants and a company polo-type shirt once you’re hired.

Let’s be frank about this. You bear a great deal of responsibility! You’re selling the promise of someone’s home’s safety and security, the one place where people can just be and be themselves. Because of the essence of what you’re selling, this home security sales tip is crucial, and you must maintain a professional attitude at all times during working hours.

If you don’t already have them, invest in the following resources to improve your professionalism as a home security representative:

ID badges that correctly describe who you are and the organization you represent. This is simple to do online via Repcard.

Have the permits. You’re probably bringing a copy of your permits and license with you as you go door-to-door knocking, which is perfect because it reflects your professionalism. If you aren’t already, now is a good time to start. Why not bring them online to make it easier?

Home Security Products to Sell – Become A Dealer

Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home

  • Smart Protect – Protect your home from anywhere with fully customizable smart alarm security and 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring. Package includes Vivint Smart Home Monitoring Service, free Vivint Smart Home mobile app, control panel with a 7″ touch display, and a selection of standard security equipment, such as smoke detector, door and window sensors, motion detector, and more.
  • Smart Complete – Never lose a moment with SpaceMonkey – automatically back up over 300,000 photos with 1TB of storage, accessible locally or on the cloud. Store, search, and share all your photos using the free SpaceMonkey app. Get peace of mind in addition to everything in the Smart Protect & Control package.
  • Smart Protect & Control – Remotely control your home from anywhere right from your smartphone. The package lets you watch live HD video, access your doors remotely, and control your thermostat while you’re away, on top of everything in the Smart Protect package.
ADT Smart Security

ADT Smart Security

  • We want you to be happy with your ADT service. If for any reason you’re dissatisfied with our products or service, we’ll fully refund your installation and monitoring fees hassle-free*.
  • If your ADT-monitored security system is eligible for discounts on your homeownerʼs insurance, weʼll provide a certificate for your insurer. Check with your agent or broker to find out.
  • If a burglary occurs while your ADT security system is armed, weʼll pay up to $500* of your insurance deductible.If youʼve been an ADT customer for six months or more, you qualify for our special Moverʼs package, with ADT discounts for your new home, plus 25%* off additional sensors.

Frontpoint Smart Security

Frontpoint Smart Security

  • We’re not cutting corners that could risk your safety.
  • We’re using stuff that most security firms haven’t even thought of.
  • The best way of protecting your home and your pets. And with no doubt.

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