Signs to Upgrade your Home Security System

Signs to Upgrade your Home Security System

April 8, 2021

Technology is a rapidly changing area, as everyone who owns a smartphone knows, and a home security system is no exception. Each innovation in home security results in a more efficient system and a safer environment.

Criminal tactics are continually developing, with the aim of bypassing and breaching security systems, which is why having an automated home security system such as Vivint alarm and ADT that stays ahead of the curve is essential.

An upgraded home security system is more reliable, in addition to the major benefits of better working home control devices.

With the growth that we are seeing right now, you might want to check your home and see if you need an upgrade your home security system.

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Signs to upgrade your home security system

Low-Quality Camera

Although low-resolution camera footage can aid in the capture of a burglary suspect, the fuzzy footage reduces the chances of identifying a suspect and recovering your property. Thankfully, outdoor camera technology has advanced significantly in recent years, allowing for the affordable purchase of high-definition videos.

Outdoor cameras give you a clear view of what’s going on all-around your house and on your property, particularly at night when visibility is bad. You can also view your live camera feed or watch footage later with a home remote control through the app (Vivint App as an example).

System Updates

System upgrades are a crucial aspect of modern technology. Although wired systems may function without upgrades for a time, service providers will eventually stop supporting old technology. Users would need a full equipment upgrade at that stage. On the other hand, a wireless home surveillance device can be upgraded several times per year and at any time of day. Flexible updates ensure that all of your home control systems are working together to keep your home and family secure.

Although wired home security systems are better than none at all, wireless home automation systems provide the best safety on the market for you and your family.

Hardwired Systems

Hardwired systems are simple to disable since their main route of contact with the response center is always a hardwired telephone line, which can be easily disconnected. Window and door sensors that are hardwired can also be cut and disabled, allowing time for a successful burglary to take place.

Controlled from One Panel

A device operated entirely by a single panel is not only easier to hack, but it’s also more challenging to alter settings in your house. The more home control systems that have access to the system, the more opportunities you’ll have to determine what’s wrong and respond appropriately. The home remote control interface gives you even more freedom by allowing you to manage your home from anywhere.

Only works at home

Another advantage of an automatic wireless system is that the alarm can be heard even though you are not at home. Burglary is an opportunistic crime, and it’s simple to figure out when a house is vacant.

You can monitor your home from anywhere in the world with a mobile device that includes a home remote control. Remote control features in the home offer peace of mind and can be customized to meet specific needs, such as controlling a vacation property or caring for elderly relatives. You’ll be assured that your home is a deterrent to would-be criminals with the ability to view live camera streams, lock and unlock doors, and switch lights on and off.

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