Why Customers Loves Vivint Alarm System? Life-Changing Stories

vivint alarm system

It pays to do extensive research when it comes to home security. Looking for smart home security you can trust to keep your family protected is something you need to invest your time in. Let’s have a look at Vivint alarm customers’ testimonials and find out why they love the Vivint alarm system.

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Vivint Alarm System Life-Changing Stories

Smart Lock Accessibility

Locking a door is a struggle for old people or persons with disabilities. It limits their day to day activities due to their physical condition.

Vivint’s customer Diana from California is grateful for how Vivint helps her disabled daughter.

“I have a disabled daughter who lives with me and I often have to leave her home alone for a few hours. She can now open and lock the door with her cell phone when she gets home from work. That is a feature that helps her as she has cerebral palsy and has little use of one hand. She feels so much more secure and safe now also.” Diana H, a Vivint customer in California

Vivint alarm system helps older people and persons with disabilities by integrating voice control like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It will enable you to open doors, adjusting the temperature, or turning off/on lights with voice commands.

For people with limited mobility, Vivint smart locks eliminate the need for a physical key when locking and unlocking doors. You can use your smartphone to lock and unlock the door using a unique code.

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24/7 Monitoring

John Sullivan, a middle school teacher share how 24/7 monitoring will have your peace of mind.

Video Source: Vivint YouTube Channel

“I accidentally left the stove on and left the house and Vivint notified me that there was a possible fire. They called me, my husband, emailed me, and notified the fire department. When I got home, the fire department was already there. Vivint saved my house and my dog! I will be forever grateful! I know my family is protected with this system.” Petrine R. of Ruskin, FL

Smart smoke alarms and weather alerts

Smart smoke and weather alert goes beyond protection when disaster strikes. Watch Courtney Jones from Georgia shares her story on how Vivint smoke detector saves her life.

Vivint alarm system smoke detector

“I left my house and armed my Vivint system. Thirty-five minutes after I left, my camera detected motion in my home. I pulled up the camera on my application on my phone. I could see the smoke! One minute later the smoke alarm alerted Vivint. My camera was so sensitive that it detected the motion of smoke in its view!”

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“I could hear that it was my alarm system that was beeping, so I went to the unit and it said ‘Tornado alert. Take cover immediately.’ Otherwise, I would not have known there was a tornado coming.” Edith Llewellyn

Watch Edith Lawellin shares her story about natural disaster protection

Video Source: Vivint YouTube Channel


The Vivint alarm system helps millions in the United States alone. Whether for protection against theft and home break-ins, peace of mind or to make it easier for older people and persons with disabilities, the Vivint alarm system all the functions you need.