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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is popular in the enterprise world. It is a method of delivering multimedia and voice communications over IP (Internet Protocol). It allows both data and voice communications to be transferred over a network signal, that can reduce infrastructure expenses. Most businesses today are migrating from traditional wired telephone systems to VoIP systems mainly because of monthly phone costs.

Phone calls, voice mail, email, web conference can be all delivered via handset including smartphones. VoIP solution helps businesses to reduce their monthly cost over expensive telecommunication carries. Here are some interesting VoIP Facts.

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4 Interesting Facts About VoIP

The first VoIP phone systems were made in 1974
It was launched by ARPANET, a US Military Network. The first-ever version transmitted packets data. VoIP consisted of 1-3% around the world between 1998 and 2002. It had grown about 25% by 2003. Today, with the existence of voice conferencing, calls now are in billions and it is growing every single day.

Fraud and VoIP
There are reports that VoIP was used in illegal activities such as games. the game Second Life used by mobs to money laundering, they are finalizing al illegals deals via chat.

Sound Quality
VoIP can high definition sound than traditional phone lines. Phones lines range from about 300 HZ to 3400 HZ while VoIP range between 50 HZ to 7 HZ. The higher the frequencies result in clearer phone conversations.

No Phone, No Problem
You don’t need a physical phone to call or to receive calls. As long as you have an internet connection you can do your business at your comfort using your laptop or desktop computers.

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