Ways to Improve Your Small Business Credit Score

Ways to Improve Your Small Business Credit Score

December 2, 2020

Credit scores are more than just numbers in the financial world they are like a name tag that shows people who you are and whether or not you are responsible for money. And because many small business owners have learned the hard way, the wrong name tag will eliminate hopes of obtaining company funding.

Luckily, it’s not too great to be overcome job to give your credit score a boost.

Use your credit wisely and responsibly

Using your credit wisely is important. Stop closing credit cards to improve your credit standing because you need the payment history of these accounts. Furthermore, make sure you keep the rate of debt low compared to your credit limits. Known as the rate of credit usage or credit utilization rate, this is the amount of all balances on all cards divided by the total credit limit. To help improve your ranking target a 10 percent to 30 percent credit utilization rate. Consumers with the highest credit scores tended to have this variety of usage rates.

Be on schedule

Nobody likes a person who is late all the time. In the case of your credit score, though, being late can also mean being docked on your credit. Paying bills in full and on time is the simplest way to boost your credit.

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This can be easier said than done of course, particularly if you’ve recently made big purchases and find yourself short on cash. This is why ensuring that your debt commitments provide the flexibility you need to keep up with payments is important. If you’re buying inventory on credit or taking out a short-term loan, make sure that the transaction is structured in a way that allows the payments to remain current.

Small Business Credit Score
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Delete negative credit report marks

There is a possibility that negative marks or mistakes, such as items in collections could appear on your personal credit report. This could prevent you from obtaining financing for your business. According to FTC, you will dispute any derogatory marks with the three major credit reporting companies, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, . You will increase your score and boost your chances of loan approval once they are removed from your credit reports.

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