What Customer Loves About the Vivint Element Thermostat?

Vivint Element Thermostat

Before we talked about what customers love about Vivint Element Thermostat and its features. Let’s learn more about the company behind it, Vivint. Vivint is one of the biggest companies in the United States and Canada that offers home automation and home security. The company launched its own cloud-based smart home automation in 2014 which allows customers to have remote access using smart applications. And the new touchscreen panel launched also in 2014 called Vivint SkyControl. Vivint products allow homeowners to hear, see, and speak with visitors using mobile devices.

In 2016, Vivint launched its own Vivint Element Thermostat. Since then, Vivint consumers find a way to save time and money through home automation.

Vivint Element Thermostat Features

According to the study, about 72 percent of homeowners said a smart thermostat was their most desired smart home device. Who wouldn’t want a device that automatically turns off or slows down the air conditioning when not in use, right? These features will save money and make you comfortable at the same time.

Vivint Element Thermostat will work for you because it has built-in features like Smart Assistant AI technology and in-home sensors. Smart Assistant AI will adjust your home temperature automatically when not in use. It also allows the consumer to adjust other smart home devices using Vivint Smart Home App. The auto-adjust features work to ensure you are saving energy and saving money. It will reduce usage or turn off completely when you are away or if you are on vacation.


Main Features
Simple, Elegant, Minimal Design
Integrates with Amazon Echo
Remote control of your thermostat via an app
Software that adjusts temperatures accordingly and ‘learns’ your lifestyle

Vivint Element will alert you on your smartphone if someone activated or cranked your heating device when your away. You can simply lower it back using a single mobile app.

What do Consumer love about Vivint Element Thermostat?

Who wouldn’t want a device that can save money, save energy, and automate temperature settings? Here’s what consumers have to say about Vivint Element.

“Thanks to Vivint Smart Home, it is so nice to control the system on your smartphone or tablet, especially the thermostat. When you sleep the thermostat will notify you that it will sleep too—how nice!” —Rodolfo C., California

“We left our house in Kansas for the winter. We set the system at vacation mode which put the thermostat at 60 degrees. Several days later we used our mobile app to check the house. The thermostat read 49 degrees. We were able to get someone out to the house and fix the furnace before our pipes broke or there was any other damage. With Vivint, we were also able to turn off the security system and unlock the front door from Arizona. Vivint just paid for itself!” —Caroline S., Kansas