Thing You Need To Know Before Selling Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home

Updated: Vivint Smart Home was founded by Todd Pedersen and Keith Nellesen in 1999. Prior to this success what we hear and see about them, Vivint only installs and sell security system at that time. Fast forward today, they are now the number 1 smart home service provider in the United States.


Aside from the orange logo color, Utah Jazz basketball game, and home security, here are a few more things you know about Vivint Smart Home.

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Vivint is the No. 1 Smart Home Service Provider in the US.
With over 2 million Smart Home Pros™ installed across United Houses, you can found Vivint devices throughout North America. More than any smart home service provider in the United States.

Charitable Organization
Vivint Gives Back is an organization founded by the company to help children with disabilities. This includes children with autism and intellectual disability. Through innovation, services, and technologies, Vivint’s goal is to improve the children through this charitable cause.


Vivint is the largest tech company
With over 10,000 employees and the largest tech company, they are one of the key contributors to the growing Silicon Slope Community. Vivint headquartered in Utah and Forbes named Vivint Smart Home as one of America’s Best Employers.

Under the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies
Rank #22 on the list of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies. Other companies included in the ranking are Facebook, Airbnb, Apple, and Amazon.

Vivint Name
Vivint means “live intelligent”. The “viv” comes from the Latin word vivere(live) and “int” short for intelligence.

J.D Power Recognition
Recognize as “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Home Security Systems” by J.D Power. One of the world’s most trusted providers of customers insight.

Professionalism in their blood
Vivint Employees are highly trained and certified professionals. From consultation to home security home installation, they will provide the highest level of customer expectations.

Smart Home Security, What Sets Vivint Security Apart?

A million customers across Canada and the United states protected by Vivint Smart Home Security. Vivint brings fresh technology and innovation in the market. Instead of choosing pre-made packages, Vivint gives you the ability to customize your security system. From glass breaking detector, motion sensor, and home automation devices such as garage door controller, smart locks, smart thermostat, and more.

Vivint Top 3 Features

Surveillance Cameras
You will be able to see what is happening at your home in real-time.

Smart Home Technology
It provides you lots of tools to further improve the quality of security solutions.

Monitoring your Home 24/7
You and your family are protected all day and night with Vivint monitoring features. Vivint Security Specialist is ready to assist you 24/7.

vivint smart home security

Additional benefits you’ll get with Vivint have a house monitoring center. Meaning, Professionals are ready to help you with your home alarm and security equipment. They are highly skilled and knowledgable enough to help you whenever needed.

Other features that separate from others is, it will give you someone’s appearance once burglary happens in your home. Also, you can grant someone temporary access to your house without giving them the keys.

You can expect to pay Monitoring services from $38.00 – $39.99 per month while Vivint equipment will cost you at least $599.

Vivint Smart Home App: Smart Mobile App that Gives You a Peace of Mind