ADT Authorized Dealer Benefits and Advantages

ADT Authorized Dealer

Since 1996, the ADT Authorized Dealer program has led the smart home security industry in partnership with some of the most security experts in the United States. The company partnered with security integrators and independent security dealers to help the people’s safety while helping individuals earn money through its dealer program.


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ADT is one of the leading security and automation providers for businesses and homes in the US. When you become an ADT authorized dealer, you are considered as part of the company. Joining forces with some of the biggest and trusted brands in home security will give you a lot of advantages. Continue reading below.

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Why Choose ADT Dealer Program?

With a wide range of products, here is some list you can provide as an Authorized dealer; smart and secure solutions, burglary protection, fire protection, flood, and monoxide protection. In addition, ADT operates and owns monitoring centers for easy emergency notification to an ambulance, fire department, and police department.

As one of the leaders in providing a home solution, security, and home automation, The company connects and helps protect business and individual customers. With decades of experience, the company is known for providing home security than its competitors. With more than 7 million home automation and security customers, it continues to expand its technologies. There’s no list of home security without mentioning ADT.

ADT Authorized Dealer program

When you become an ADT Authorized Dealer, a team of experts will ensure your success through Advanced training and personalized support program. These training programs will help you to become successful in the industry.

ADT Dealer Training
• Power Up! Rapid Recruiting/Hiring Program
• Advanced Leadership Training
• Online Training Courses Available
• New Dealer Virtual Training
• Door Knocking Training
• Professional Sales Workshop
• Command Seminar

ADT Authorized Dealer Benefits

• No hidden charges
• Full multiple for 3-year subscriber agreements
• ADT-branded marketing materials
• Time-saving e-contracts
• Higher net multiples*
• Flexible RMR ranges

ADT Authorized Dealer program will give you the opportunity to manage and run your own business as you help people’s safety. There’s a lot of potential selling ADT products. A program that works for you and Helping people life that matters most.

Ready to Become ADT Authorized Dealer?