Vivint Home Security System and Alarm Package, Is It Right For You?

Vivint Home Security System and Alarm Package, Is It Right For You?

April 11, 2023

Vivint Home Alarm System is known for its amazing security features and payment options. They provide a wide range of smart home equipment, which you can also integrate with your existing smart devices. Starting at $29 a month, the Vivint home security package includes all the Vivint alarms, doorbells, and the installation of your smart home security. Vivint home security is the smartest way to protect against crime.

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With Vivint Smart Home, you have a sophisticated home security system that constantly monitors you, a comprehensive home automation solution that you can control from almost anywhere, including your home, your car, and all the devices you monitor in the car. With one of the best-monitored security services on the market, the Vivint smart home system is inexpensive.

If you want the reassurance that your home is safe and secure around the clock, this is money well spent. Two-way communication offered via the control panel can help prevent false alarms, while company employees can ensure that problems are not a problem before sending emergency services.

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The Vivint Smart Home System has one of the best video doorbell solutions tested, and it offers the highest level of security and privacy of any smart home system on the market today.


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The Vivint Smart Home will install the security system for you, and evaluate your specific security needs.

Vivint Home Security System Pros and Cons

-Professional installation with high-end equipment
-Feature-rich system that will meet most people’s needs
-One app that manages both smart home and security devices.
-No long-term contract
-Extensive customization is possible


-Only a small number of third-party smart home devices are supported.
-Remote access and use of the mobile app necessitate professional monitoring.
-Costly compared to competitors
-Not everyone wants home automation, thus this feature is included.
-Customer service has received mixed ratings.

What Comes With The Vivint Home Security Package?

Vivint the essential

The Essential products work together to connect the outside and inside of your home. You can from anywhere using the Vivint Smart Home App.

Vivint Smart Hub, Vivint Smart Home App, Sensors, 24/7 Monitoring & Yard Sign

Vivint Smart Home - vivint security

Security is the first priority of a smart home security system. Vivint will make your home a safe place to live.

Kwikset Smart Locks, Garage Door Controls & Car Guard, Smoke Detector, CO Detector & Sensors


Vivint Smart Home -  vivint camera

With the Vivint security system camera, you will be able to view and monitor your home with Vivint App. Cameras that you can keep an eye on every aspect of security.

Doorbell Camera Pro & Outdoor Camera Pro, Ping Indoor Camera & Smart Drive

Smart Home

Vivint home automation

With Vivint security system home automation, Vivint hubs will bring all your security systems together on one touchscreen control panel.

Element Thermostat, Philips Hue, Amazon Echo & Google Home

Smarter Outdoor Security

vivint outdoor and indoor security features

Vivint has the smartest outdoor and indoor security features. It has the ability to identify threats intelligently. they will prevent burglars and other criminal acts.

Vivint Security System Professional Installation
With trained professionals, setting up your Vivint alarm and security system is easy. They will make sure to guide you in everything from start to finish.
Installation: Vivint offers professional installation fees that range from $49 to $99 depending on the equipment installed.

Only if you fund your equipment does Vivint need a contract. There is no deal if you buy anything upfront, and you can walk away at any time.

Vivint Home Security System Pricing

PlanInstallation feePrice
Smart Security$49.00$29.99/mo.
Smart Home$49.00$39.99/mo.
Smart Home Video$49.00$44.99/mo.

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Smart Security Service

  • Starter Kit – $599.99
  • Vivint Smart Sensor – $50.00
  • Vivint Motion Sensor – $100.00
  • Recessed Door Sensor – $50.00
  • Glass Break Detector – $100.00
  • Smoke Detector – $100.00
  • CO Detector – $100.00
  • FireFighter – $100.00
  • Flood/Freeze/Heat Sensor – $50.00
  • Panic Pendant – $50.00

Smart Home Service

  • Kwikset Smart Lock – $179.99
  • Garage Door Controller – $99.99
  • Element Thermostat – $169.00
  • Nest Learning Thermostat – $249.00
  • Lamp Module – $50.00
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera – $249.99
  • Vivint Outdoor Camera – $299.99
  • Vivint Ping Camera – $199.99
  • Vivint Smart Drive – $249.99

Vivint Smart Home System Key Features

  •  Wireless & Cellular
  •  Professional Installation
  •  Intrusion Protection
  •  Environmental Protection
  •  Remote Control


Allows you to choose your own payment model

The Flex Pay model was created by Vivint to make the smart home experience accessible to families of all income levels. Flex Pay provides you the flexibility to go all-in on your Vivint security equipment immediately or take a more manageable monthly track with sources of finance, making Vivint security cost that much more attainable.

For a personalized Flex Pay quote on the products you choose, call (801) 513-2613.


Vivint professionals will install your security system for free, but you’ll have to pay $129 if you relocate and need it re-installed.

Integrations with Alexa, Google Assistant, Philips Hue smart lighting, and Nest thermostats: Vivint works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Philips Hue smart lighting, and Nest thermostats, allowing for some convenient automatic tasks.

The company’s most recent products, such as an outdoor camera and a video doorbell, are among the best in the industry in terms of video quality and artificial intelligence.

Vivint Smart Home Security is full-packed with features that you need for home security. It is professionally installed, unlike its competitor which offers DIY kits. Vivint provides experienced consultants to identify what you really need. You can integrate with a known third-party home device that you already have.

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