3 Common iPhone 12 Problems and  How to Fix them

3 Common iPhone 12 Problems and How to Fix them

December 14, 2020

Common iPhone 12 Problems have surfacedd! We are hearing about the issues plaguing the company’s latest flagship models as we push away from the release of Apple’s iPhone 12 series.

Most of the feedback from owners of iPhone 12 was strong, but we also learned about a number of performance problems and bugs plaguing the four phones.

Fortunately, there’s a fair chance you’ll be able to patch your ailing phone before new software arrives or before you’re forced to get in touch with Apple customer support.

We’ll take you through fixes for some of the most popular iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max issues in this guide. The list includes fixes for problems with Wi-Fi, fixes for Bluetooth issues, fixes for issues with charging, and more.

One note before you jump in: Make sure to upgrade to the new version of iOS 14 before you start messing around with your device’s settings.

How to Fix iPhone 12 Battery Life

The battery life of most users is outstanding. Some, however, are beginning to find that the battery drains faster than it should.

If the battery of your phone unexpectedly starts draining faster than it usually does, look at our list of remedies for battery life problems with the iPhone 12.

You may have a hardware problem if the issues are very bad. You’ll want to get in touch with Apple customer service if the drain is very bad.

This isn’t a bug if you go into the Cellular portion of your phone’s Settings app and you don’t see any 5G choices. It’s likely that you’re not actually with your carrier on a 5G-enabled contract. You’ll see only “LTE” and “4G” if that’s the case.

You would possibly need to alter/upgrade your contract to make use of your carrier’s 5G network. Be sure the 5G coverage is available in the places you must visit before you do so. You can do that through the 5G maps of the carrier below:

AT&T 5G Map
T-Mobile 5G Map
Sprint 5G Map
Verizon 5G Map

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How to Fix Issues with iPhone 12 Wi-Fi

Here are some things you should do before getting in touch with customer service if you start seeing poor Wi-Fi speeds or a spike in dropped connections.

You’ll want to explore the Wi-Fi link that causes you problems before you start fiddling with the settings on your iPhone 12. Try to unplug the router for a minute if you’re on your home Wi-Fi network, before plugging it back in.

If you’re sure it’s not the router, you may want to search the Down Detector to see if there are similar problems in your area with others with the same ISP.

If you can’t reach the router to which your phone is attached or if the problem has nothing to do with your ISP/router is positive, head into the Settings app of your iPhone 12.

You’ll want to forget about the Wi-Fi network you’re having problems with while you’re here. Here’s how this should be done:

1. Tap Wi-Fi in Setting.
2. By tapping the “i” in the circle, pick your relation.
3. At the top of the page, tap Forget This Network. (Note: This will trigger the Wi-Fi password to be forgotten on your iPhone, so you’ll want to have it handy.)

Try resetting the network settings of your iPhone if this doesn’t work:

1. Go to your app for Settings.
2. Just tap General.
3. Tap Reset, tap
4. Tap Reset Network Configuration.

How to Fix Issues with iPhone 12 Charging

We have seen some concerns about charging problems with the iPhone 12 and most of the issues have to do with the wireless charging feature.

Reset your iPhone if you experience a problem with wireless charging. Press and release Volume up, press and release Volume down to do this and then hold the power button until the phone turns off. Turn the computer back on to see if the function is usually operating.

If you’re keeping credit cards or security passes in an iPhone case, you’ll want to delete them before charging your phone. You might even try to take your case off and try to charge your phone that way.

There you have it! Common iPhone 12 Problems and how to resolve it.

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