How to Become a Cox Dealer and Sell Products?

How to Become a Cox Dealer and Sell Products?

August 25, 2023

JNA Dealer Program was made to help you get started providing Cox Cable TV, High-Speed Internet, and Phone Services in your selected areas. Once you register with the JNA Dealer Program, we provide all the tools you need to start and grow your business as a COX sales agent.

How do I become a Cox Dealer? It’s simple! Just register on the Cox JNA Dealer page as a sales agent. Complete your training with our team of professionals. We will guide you from start to finish with our dedicated portal to jump-start your business. Also, you can choose the installation date at a convenient time. We will handle all your stress, including the installation.

how to become a cox dealer

Become a Cox Dealer

What’s the good news for Cox Dealers?

If you join the JNA Dealer Program as a Cox Dealer today, you will become a JNA Dealer and sell Cox Products.  You will be able to earn money selling Cox Products. You will get paid sales commissions on every purchase of high-speed internet, Cable TV, and Home Phones.

Free Installation: Most internet and cable packages from Cox qualify for a free professional installation.

Contour HD DVRs: Television packages from Cox support the Contour Record 6 ($28.49/mo) and Record 2 ($21.49/mo) HD-DVRs, which allow you to record up to six simultaneous shows. If you do not need DVR capability, you can use the Contour HD Receiver ($8.50/mo) or the mini box ($2.99/mo).

Panoramic WiFi: Get WiFi coverage throughout your house by using Cox’s Panoramic Wi-Fi modem and WiFi extenders for a $9.99/month rental. Cox’s My Connection app will also allow you to manage your network from your smart devices.

Ready to Become a Cable and Internet Dealer?

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