Best Places To Install An Outdoor Security Camera

outdoor security camera

Everything from burglary, vehicle theft to larceny, property crime happens every 4.1 seconds in the US. About 60 percent of convicted theft has stated that the presence of an outdoor security camera serves as a deterrent during a home invasion. It looks that locking your doors at night is not enough. Home Security is required!

Outdoor Surveillance cameras play a large role in protecting our properties. It prevents intruders from trying to enter your home. One good feature of smart home security is that you can integrate it with your outdoor security camera.

No matter how many surveillance cameras you have, homeowners still face treats without proper security placement. To make security camera work efficiently, here are the right location where your security installed.

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Before we begin, here are some things you need to know about the outdoor security camera.

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Most people think they get perfect results if they place the camera in a higher place. That’s not completely true. You need to keep your surveillance cameras close but not too close. Placing cameras into higher places is impossible to recognize face or plate numbers.

Remember that your house has different corners, you probably going to need more than one, depending on how wide your area is. A single outdoor security camera cant spot every corner of your home at once. Having multiple cameras will allow you to get a clear image of strangers and monitor activities across your properties.

Best Place to Mount Outdoor Security Cameras

As we mentioned above, security camera placement plays a huge difference. installing a security camera needed better planning. Make sure the cameras cover the following locations.

According to reports, home intruders often enter home through windows. Install cameras towards these windows. To make ensure more safety, installed a metal grill if possible.

To prevent vandalism or vehicle theft, installing outdoor cameras through your driveway gives you a clearer view of what is happening.

33 percent of home intruders attempt to enter through the front door, and 22 percent at the back door. Every door entrance should be under camera surveillance.

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