Possibilities are Endless, Become a Dealer and Sell Cox Product and Services!

become a cox dealer

As a JNA Cox Dealer, you are able to sell repacked cox products and services as an enhanced solution that suits your customer’s needs. You have full control and ownership of the end-user relationship.

You will be able to sell reliable and sell quality and powerful cox products to grow your business. It is a business of all sizes, competitive prices, and exemptional communication products.

We will help you provide and deliver solutions to drive value to you as our dealer. Cox is one of the leading industry solutions at an affordable price.

Become a JNA Dealer & Sell Business Products
See the products and features that you can sell as a JNA authorized dealer.

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We have a dedicated pre and post-sales support for helping out the best solution from small to enterprise businesses.
Cox Business Internet is powered by advanced fiber optics for reliable and ultra-fast internet speed.

We are here to back you 24/7, we will provide you exemptional monitoring Network Operation Center, solid support, and dedicated team for any inquiries.

Also, we provide convenient selling tools. You can track, edit, and upgrade with easy to use, powerful portal available 24/7 for your satisfaction.

JNA Dealer Program: We Create Business Opportunities .
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Why sell Cox as a JNA Retailer

The possibilities are endless with JNA Dealer Programs

Free Installation- Most internet and cable packages from Cox qualify for a free professional installation.

Contour HD DVRs – Television packages from Cox support the Contour Record 6 ($28.49/mo) and Record 2 ($21.49/mo) HD-DVRs, which allow you to record up to 6 simultaneous shows. If you do not need DVR ability, you can use the Contour HD Receiver ($8.50/mo) or the mini box ($2.99/mo).

Panoramic WiFi – Get WiFi coverage throughout your house by using Cox’s Panoramic Wi-Fi modem and WiFi extenders for a $9.99/mo rental. Cox’s My Connection app, will also allow you to manage your network from your smart devices.

If you are ready to Become a JNA Dealer, Contact us at  Become a JNA Dealer & Sell Spectrum Products (844) 377-8487  and we are here to help you. Start selling Cox Product and Services today to maximize your business growth.

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