Ways to Fix “Sign-In To WiFi Network” When your Android keep asking

to Wi-Fi network issue

Android smartphones are increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Android smartphones are easy to use and inexpensive to purchase. On the contrary, some users have complained that Android keeps prompting them to “sign-in to Wi-Fi network.” To that end, we’ve written this article to address the issue. Let’s take a look at the options now!

To WiFi Network Issue Fixes

Router Problem

The majority of the time, the problem is with your router. This is because, after successfully connecting to a Wi-Fi network, the Android phone can verify whether the network can access internet signals. We claim this because Wi-Fi networks, in the vast majority of cases, redirect requests to the login tab. The phrase “sign-in to Wi-Fi network” is usually used because the Android smartphone detects that the Wi-Fi network is redirecting the request.

Change Your Preferences

If you don’t think the pop-up is caused by a router problem, you might try adjusting the settings. To remove this pop-up, go to your Android smartphone’s advanced settings and select the Wi-Fi tab. Scroll down to “sign-in to Wi-Fi network” and disable it from the Wi-Fi tab. The pop-up will not appear on your Android device if it is disabled.

Update your software

If you’re having trouble with your network or link, there’s a good chance that an Android app update is available but you haven’t installed it yet. The Android app update is in charge of streamlining your Android smartphone’s features, and network access are one of them. The software updates are intended to correct any bugs that are causing connectivity issues.

Disable Notifications

If you’ve installed the software update on your smartphone but the pop-up continues to appear, you can disable the warning. We recommend that you pull down your smartphone’s notification bar and long-press on this notification or warning whenever it appears. When you long-press this alert, you’ll be presented with a menu of options, one of which is “block.” As a consequence, the notification or warning will be disabled and will no longer bother you.


We will discuss two related topics under this heading. To begin, if you changed your Wi-Fi or network settings, you must reboot your smartphone after saving your changes. This is due to the fact that after adjusting the Wi-Fi settings, you must reboot the smartphone in order for the changes to take effect. Such errors will occur if you changed the Wi-Fi settings but did not reboot. So, just tinker with the Wi-Fi settings and restart the machine.