Advantages of SMS Message and Text Marketing for Your Business

Advantages of SMS Message and Text Marketing for Your Business

July 22, 2021

Do you use SMS and text marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy? Unfortunately, not all businesses have yet taken advantage of the benefits because many small business owners are unfamiliar with them.

According to eMarketer, B2C text messaging is growing rapidly, showing global mobile business messaging traffic reached 2.7 trillion last year. The global pandemic certainly drove the rise of text marketing in 2020. SMS marketing increased by 8.5 percent and 20 percent.

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What are the advantages of text marketing?

Text messaging may be utilized in a variety of ways to engage and communicate with different people on a variety of themes. Customers are offered deals and discounts in the vast majority of SMS marketing communications (56 percent ). General notifications and alerts (13 percent), customer assistance and follow-up (11 percent), payment and appointment reminders (9%), lead generation follow-up (6%), and operational notifications round out the top five (4 percent ).

Reasons why text message marketing should be a component of your customer communications strategy

SMS is becoming an increasingly important aspect of efficient multi-channel marketing as more firms attempt to target customers on the go. However, because few digital marketing organizations offer SMS as a core service, their clients may be missing out on important customer communications and enhanced ROI.

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The term ‘tools’ in this sense refers to methods, tactics, and materials. To raise sales, the vast majority of companies use many different marketing strategies.

The benefits of using Text Marketing

You may improve customer satisfaction by increasing customer interaction.

Consider SMS as a strategy to improve how your company communicates with clients across the customer lifecycle. Customers may value updates and news on upcoming changes within the company, but this information is best communicated via email, where longer, more creative language is more suited.

It’s a direct, instant channel, for starters.

With a read rate of 97 percent within 15 minutes of delivery, SMS is one of the fastest channels available; you can rest guaranteed that your time-sensitive communications will be viewed almost immediately. When paired with other popular channels like email and social media, SMS campaigns achieve a successful ROI of 45 percent, with over 50 percent when combined with other popular channels like email and social media marketing.

Shortcodes can be used to speed up responses and expand your database.

Add a shortcode or keyword to print collateral, adverts, and advertising boards, as well as social media, to encourage your customers to take the initiative. Customers who are familiar with a brand’s code and keyword are more inclined to interact and respond as a result of this technique.

You can find out more about your clients.

SMS is an excellent way to obtain feedback from your clients through surveys. According to research, 31% of consumers will react to a survey through SMS, with users taking just over 5 minutes on average to respond. That is to say, you can achieve excellent outcomes in a short amount of time.

It can work with and support other channels.

Within the marketing mix, it’s critical that all channels perform effectively together, and SMS is no exception. SMS is a wonderful solo channel, but it can also be used to supplement and assist other marketing channels like social media and email.

SMS can complement and support other popular consumer mediums like social media and email, in addition to being fantastic on its own.

For instance, it serves as a reminder to customers to read an email sent by company hours or even days earlier. A simple follow-up SMS can assist raise email open rates.

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