The Benefits of Partnering with JNA as an Xfinity Authorized Reseller

The Benefits of Partnering with JNA as an Xfinity Authorized Reseller

February 16, 2023

Partnering with one of America’s best Internet providers is a big thing. JNA Dealer and Xfinity are aiming to expand our eyes to the world by partnering online with other companies. You will make additional cash out of your web traffic and audience through JNA Dealer and Xfinity partnership. Your clients already recognize us, and trust our brand to always execute.

Wondering what advantages and benefits come with a partnership with JNA and Xfinity, or just curious on how to become an Xfinity authorized reseller, continue reading below.

The JNA Dealer and Xfinity Reseller Program

We make sure you’re never alone in this when you apply for a partnership with us. We actually provide Xfinity branded materials that you can use on your website r physical store, and you will be paid for goods and packages for TV, internet, mobile, home phone, and home security.

We also provide training for our partners, to make sure you are able to provide detailed knowledge to answer your client’s questions. It’s hard to resist working for all these benefits.

You can monetize the traffic your website already receives by participating in the Xfinity Reseller Program and enjoy a real, authentic relationship with our business.

Why Partner with us and sell Xfinity products?

Your clients know Xfinity already and trust that in the modern age, Xfinity makes it easy to get connected. The Internet, TV, cell phone, home phone, and home protection of your customers will all work together with Xfinity as one. Our services are designed to work together to make staying connected to what you enjoy easier than ever. So, Xfinity will ensure you have quick and convenient access to the best items, whether you’re at home or out and about, plus great discounts and quality.

With Xfinity, millions of public Wireless networks, the best Internet possible, the freest TV shows and movies on the go, and more, can be enjoyed by your customers. What is there not to enjoy? You appreciate the financial means of your customers, so why not refer them to the best possible goods and services?

Signing up with JNA Dealer as Xfinity reseller is easy

You can do so by filling out our online application form and you’re ready to sell Xfinity products and services. A member of our Xfinity Reseller Program team will be in contact with you as soon as we received your application.

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