Vivint Car Guard: Preventing Car Theft

Vivint Car Guard

According to US data, 90 percent of households in the nation have at least one car, over 73 percent of Americans have at least two cars. Americans love cars for many reasons, most people in the US use car going to work each day or taking kids to school.

A number of car theft increase each year, in fact, a car is reported stolen every 41 seconds in the US. Luckily, you can lower the chance of getting your car stolen using Vivint Car Guard.

Using GPS technology, it is one of the most effective ways to track your car and increase the chance that your car will be returned. Vehicles with Vivint Car Guard can be tracked using satellite-based navigation also known as GPS. You can use a computer or mobile app to locate your car anytime.

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Vivint Car Guard Features

GPS can help you locate your car but installing your Vivint Car Guard can actually prevent car theft. It is award-winning app-based vehicle protection for home and for cars. If someone tries to break in, bumped, towed, or move your car, the Vivint App will immediately alert your phone, Vivint has a tamper alert features.

Vivint Car Guard

You can also integrate into your Vivint Smart Home systems such as locks, sensors, lights, and cameras. If someone attempts to break into your driveway, the tamper alert will trigger your camera to auto[record and triggers your home outdoor lighting and send a notification to your smartphones.

Vivint Car Guard uses the OBD II port which means it will work with most vehicles. You can install the device in minutes with no wiring or tools needed. Another good thing about them is you only need to pay one time and a monthly service plan payment.

Notify you if your car is being bumped, stolen, or towed

Remotely manage your car and your home with Vivint Smart App

Automatically activate camera auto-recording and outdoor lights

Use the Vivint App to know where your car and family

Car maintenance notification, car status, also notifies you with mechanical issues

Vivint Card Guard Specs

Share your car location via slack, email, or text

Data Transmission, 4G LTE (US and Canadian SIMsĀ ), GPS

Free defective hardware replacement (Vivint service plan subscription required)

Can alert on removal or tamper

3 axis to detect tows, bumps, and break-ins