Do Vivint Smart Home Cameras Work Without Internet?

Do Vivint Smart Home Cameras Work Without Internet?

January 11, 2023

One of the most common concerns among consumers new to the realm of smart home security is whether their smart cameras such as Vivint would work without the internet or Wi-Fi. While non-wireless security cameras are available, most smart cameras, such as Vivint cameras, need customers to connect to a Wi-Fi network in order to access live video monitoring and integrate their cameras with their other smart home devices.

Because Vivint is a totally wireless system, users may be able to record with their Vivint cameras even when they are not connected to the internet. They cannot, however, use the Vivint mobile app to obtain live video surveillance or Vivint alarm.

Users may also be limited in their access to advanced remote communication services if a Vivint camera is removed from Wi-Fi.

The rest of this post will explain what you can and can’t do if your Vivint camera loses Wi-Fi access, as well as how to reconnect a Vivint camera to the network.

Vivint cameras


Because Vivint is a totally wireless system, your Vivint cameras will continue to record even if you aren’t connected to the internet, but you won’t be able to receive live video monitoring or security alerts via the app.

Like other smart devices, your Vivint camera is completely reliant on the Wi-Fi connection and speed in your home. Each camera should have a minimum upload speed of 2 MBPS, according to Vivint. You may notice a constant offline camera status if your home’s Wi-Fi connection is unreliable or drops out.

When you use your Vivint cameras offline, you’ll lose access to Vivint’s powerful smart camera features and leave your home vulnerable. To keep your security camera online, you should consider upgrading your Wi-Fi router or switching your internet provider, just as you would with any other smart device.

Why Camera is Offline?

Your Vivint cameras may go offline from time to time. Unstable or disconnected Wi-Fi connections are two of the most common causes, however, your camera could also be down for a variety of reasons:

1. Too many access points sharing the same Wi-Fi channel.
2. Your security camera is too far away from your Wi-Fi router.
3. Loss of power
4. The Vivint app on your smartphone is out of date.

Your Vivint camera or internet router may be malfunctioning in some cases. If you suspect a faulty router or camera, have it checked out by an expert? However, verifying your Wi-Fi connection on your other devices to see if it’s still working is an excellent method to figure out where the problem really is.

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