Finance 101: Ways to Save Money While on Travel

Finance 101: Ways to Save Money While on Travel

December 1, 2020

Traveling is expensive but still, for many people, this continues to be the best pastime and leisure. Travelling can teach a person a lot of invaluable skills and appreciation.

However, frequent travel for vacation and fun seems to be out of reach for many because of the high cost of everything from hotel to gas to plane tickets to food.

Make smart use of reward-based credit cards

If you know how to utilize your credit cards this will be a great tool for budget and spending when you are on travel. Make sure to use those credit cards that offer great rewards. A lot of credit cards offer cashback on purchases, gas, travel points, or discounts, this means that you can get back some of those dollars you spent.

Find free activities

You may have an itinerary for your travel, full planned tours, must-sees, and destinations. But, you might see that there is downtime or gaps in layovers or extended downtime. You can still enjoy things by checking any free activity on your location. Ask the locals or hotel concierge for any festivals or museum exhibits or any seasonal events.

Updating your wireless plan

Before they travel, travelers may not think about their wireless plans, but being organized in terms of your mobile plan will definitely save you money. There are several choices, and if you fly within the States, you will want the best one in the places you will travel with the most coverage.

Consider changing your wireless service to provide international calling options if you’re traveling abroad. When calling back home, this will help you escape large roaming and overage charges. Make plans before you leave, and know that without incurring unnecessary expenses, you will still be able to contact friends and family who are stateside.

Prepare your own food.

While traveling it is best to pack your own snacks, sometimes buying at a local store or stopover will double the price of local chips and bottled water. You don’t have to spend money on overpricing cookies at any airport or convenience store. By preparing your own, snacks, and water it will fuel you between meals and stops.

Make sure to eat a lot during lunchtime.

Find great lunches and indulge! Discover points out that several restaurants offer buffets and lunch specials. When supper prices start to get steeper, fill up at lunchtime, and avoid overspending at dinner time.

Choosing a Hotel

There are a lot of great hotels at a cheaper price. However, if you can book a hotel outside your destination it will be cheaper. If you are traveling to a large city, the price of a hotel is way more expensive. Instead, check if there’s an available suburb nearby or a small town outside the metropolitan area. Sometimes, renting a car or ride-sharing can save you money instead of booking a room downtown.

Don’t use booking apps or websites.

If you are going to book a hotel, call the hotel and book directly for the best rates. Also, being friendly can mean last-minute upgrades and discounts so you might be able to save.

Always choose economy

Think economy level, whether you’re booking a flight or renting a car. Sitting in first class might be luxurious, but it’s going to cost you. As will the oversized rental of luxury SUVs. Instead, be thrifty with those expenditures that are only responsible for getting you there.


Any attraction and destination for tourists have a peak season. If it is possible, U.S. News advised attempting just outside those peak hours to make your travel arrangements. You can find cost savings on a range of travel efforts, including hotel accommodation, renting cars, and events, by doing so.

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