What Will Happen When Your Vivint Alarm Goes Off?

What Will Happen When Your Vivint Alarm Goes Off?

June 26, 2023

The sound of an alarm can be disturbing. You may have a Vivint alarm installed for a few circumstances. For example, fire, theft, and flooding—yet that absolutely doesn’t mean you ever need to utilize them.

To help limit the pressure and disarray that can go with an alarm going off, we’ll walk you through some normal alarm situations and clarify what occurs, how Vivint handles the circumstance, and what you ought to do during the occasion to keep yourself and your friends and family protected.

What are the Types of Vivint Alarms?

Vivint alarms monitor for a few unique occasions, including break-ins, fire, medical, panic frenzy, and duress. Since Vivint is also an observing and monitoring organization, they provide 24×7 monitoring of security-system-enabled homes to keep an eye on you and send help if necessary. On the off chance that you have connected devices and gadgets, you may likewise have warnings sent to your cell phone.

Vivint Burglar Alarms

At the point when many people consider home alarm monitoring, they think about a criminal alarm that sounds when an interloper breaks in. Vivint offers an advanced thief alarm and alarm system as well as motion sensors and entryway and window sensors that identify unapproved entry.

On the off chance that your security system recognizes somebody entering your home, a countdown starts. Each alarm framework has a code that must be entered on the control board to incapacitate or disarm it. In the event that this code isn’t entered before the countdown is done, the framework alerts Vivint’s 24×7 security monitoring center.

When they receive the alert, one of Vivint’s reps will call to check with you. On the off chance that the representatives can’t contact you through the panel board, they’ll have a go at reaching you through your listed crisis telephone numbers.

If they cannot reach you, they will request a verbal security password, unique in relation to your board pin number. This code is needed to cancel the alert. Should the rep be not able to contact you through the board or your emergency contacts, or they reach out and the right password isn’t given, they’ll dispatch local authorities. They’ll additionally call all your emergency contacts so somebody is informed of the caution and dispatch.

Are surveillance cameras part of your home security system set up? These gadgets and gadgets will likewise record videos and send them to your cell phone. What’s more, they will store pictures for you to provide to the police to help with any investigation and examination.

Vivint Medical and Panic Alarms

Vivint medical alarms are planned explicitly for health-related crises. A medical alarm can be set off either straightforwardly through the control board or by utilizing a unique panic pendant. This gadget has a button on it, and you wear the pendant so you can flag for help in any place you are.

Pressing the button for a predefined time imparts a remote signal to the control board, which settles a call to the monitoring center. Similarly, as with the other alert types, Vivint representatives will attempt to reach you, and they’ll send help and tell emergency contacts on the off chance that they can’t connect with you.

vivint medical pendant

On account of a panic alert, a rep will likewise try your first emergency contact before dispatching specialists.

Vivint Duress Alarms

You can initiate this sort of alarm caution with a duress code that incapacitates or disarm your alert framework and sends an alarm to Vivint’s monitoring center. The duress alert is intended to be utilized in circumstances where you have to call for help without making it clear that you’re doing as such. For instance, in case you’re being held without wanting to and compelled to incapacitate the alarm system, you can do as such with your duress code and request help carefully at the same time.

At the point when they get your duress code, they’ll call your board and listen quietly for thirty seconds. This enables the rep to assess the danger and give more data to the police. On the off chance that they hear dubious activity, they’ll stay on the line and dispatch the specialists right away. If they don’t hear any movement, they still send help, however, they won’t stay on the line.

In either case, Vivint will hold up for at least thirty minutes before reaching emergency numbers to tell of the alert so your well-being isn’t risked by making it realized you called for help.

Vivint Fire Alarms

Smoke alarms trigger fire and carbon monoxide alarms. You can likewise physically initiate an alarm on your Vivint control board if necessary. When an alarm caution goes off, the process is like that of the burglar alarm. A delegate will attempt to get in touch with you to ensure it is not a false alarm or caution. Initially, they attempt straightforwardly through the panel. In the event that that doesn’t work, they will try to get in touch with you through your first emergency contact.

vivint smoke detector
Vivint smoke detector

In either case, your verbal password will be needed to drop the alarm. In case they can’t contact you, or they do contact you and you affirm there’s an actual crisis, Vivint will dispatch the nearby specialists, and tell you of the alarm.

In certain territories, checking for false alerts might be skipped, and the specialists will be dispatched promptly if an alarm is set off. Check nearby laws to discover the method and prerequisites for your area.

Vivint suggests promptly leaving the building structure once an alarm goes off—don’t wait that a rep will reach you via the panel board.

If you have a Vivint Smart Home system your home automation arrangement may play out extra activities when the alarm is triggered. For instance, in case of a fire, the smart indoor regulator will turn off the air conditioner to help moderate the spread of blazes via wind stream. Smart entryway locks will likewise consequently open to making it simpler for help to enter your home.

While hoping that none of these cautions ever must be utilized, Vivint wants you to feel certain that you’re in acceptable hands during a crisis circumstance. Vivint home security arrangements can help keep you free from any potential harm during crises.

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