Guide in Sharing WiFi Password from iPhone to iPhone

WiFi passwords

WiFi passwords can be very long and troubling, making them difficult to share with family and friends. Fortunately, Apple has added another Wi-Fi password sharing feature, so you’ll never have to turn around to reverse the switch’s password. Here’s how to send a wifi password from an iPhone to another iPhone.

This process should keep you at a safe distance from the annoying situations where you’re trying to send or receive a frustrating WiFi passwords. When a new guest enters the office or home, this is a common occurrence. This is where you learn how to build a complex wireless password, which can be problematic. It’s even worse if you go to someone’s house who isn’t technically savvy and has a random Wi-Fi password that their ISP has assigned to them.

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For some events, simply sharing your WiFi passwords can be risky. Instead of having to remember your WiFi passwords for each visitor, you can easily switch it from iPhone to iPhone or from one phone to another.

On all included iPhone users, IOS 11 or later must be installed.
WiFi and Bluetooth are needed on all iPhone devices.
WiFi and Bluetooth are needed on all iPhone devices.
The phone that shares the password must be linked to a Wi-Fi network that is identical to the one used by the other device.
Both of the devices must be near to one another.
You should be on the contact list of each other.

The requirements seem to be more complex than they are, but two modified devices in a similar room should suffice. If required, enter your WiFi password, a task that is no longer understandable under iOS.

The SSID and key of Wi-Fi networks can be stored in QR codes. You can use the camera on your iPhone to link to any Wi-Fi network in this way. The password for the partnership does not need to be entered physically since the network ID and password are stored in the QR code. Nowadays, a large portion of the iPhone allows the connected Wi-Fi network to be shared with other devices through a QR code created automatically. As mobile phones are serviced, the WiFi password will almost certainly be passed from iPhone to iPhone by scanning the QR code.

Since the Wi-Fi QR code is generated automatically on a large number of iPhones these days, you don’t have to create a standalone one. How to share the Wi-Fi password between iPhone to iPhone by using QR code:

How to Share WiFi Passwords between iPhones?

Connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network for which you need to share the password.
Open the settings on your phone.
Access WiFi and select the connected WiFi network.
If a QR code appears on the screen, filter it with the other device, and connect to the Wi-Fi network easily.
If you don’t see the QR code correctly, click the “Share” button and release the QR code to check it and connect.

Here’s how to create a QR code to share your Wi-Fi password with your iPhone physically.
Use your QR scanner or download the QR code app
Click the Substance Type and select “Wi-Fi.”
Select the network type.
Enter SSID and password of the Wi-Fi network.
Press “Create.”
You will receive a QR code from the app and can share it with your companions.

To connect to the Wi-Fi network, open the camera application on the iPhone and simply point to the QR code. You noticed that you can only use your iPhone as a Wi-Fi beneficiary or a Wi-Fi hotspot one at a time? however, this is not the case. Your phone will receive and transmit Wi-Fi flags at the same time, effectively turning it into a Wi-Fi repeater. If you really don’t want to share your home switch WiFi password while only connecting the visitor once, this is a handy way.

Some iPhone applications allow you to connect to a Wi-Fi network and then reprocess it with a new SSID and password. With the equivalent, you can provide a “quick” WLAN to your guests without actually sharing the first password.

The password is stored in the safes of your Android device when you connect to a Wi-Fi network, but it is not visible to you. You won’t need to recall the password to reconnect to a similar Wi-Fi network if you keep this in mind.

Quick, simple, and an awesome new item for someone who has guests who need to use a Wi-Fi network, or for someone who needs to set up another gadget for themselves and join a wireless network without having to choose a password. The same is true for the wi-fi switch.

Since your own contact information is stored in Contacts, you can also share a Wi-Fi password with another device for this purpose.