Xfinity Cable TV Packages, Channels, Prices and more

Xfinity Cable TV Packages, Channels, Prices and more

October 27, 2022

Best Xfinity Bundles

Standard Triple Play with Performance Pro Internet: $89.99/mo per month, 130+ TV Channels, 200 Mbps
Select Triple Play: 210+ TV Channels, 250 Mbps
Super Double Play with Blast Internet: $139 per month, 245+ TV Channels, 800 Mbps

Most of us heard Xfinity Comcast TV. It is an overall great TV service provider in the United State, a well-known and reliable brand. It is widely available throughout the United States. Continue reading below to know more about Xfinity Comcast TV services.

Xfinity Comcast TV Cost
Compared to its competitors like Cox and Spectrum, the cost of Xfinity TV is average in terms of the numbers of channels. The Digital Start package starts at $49.99 per month and the Digital preferred starts at $59.99 when you sign for a 1-year contract and the monthly price goes to normal when your contract is up.

Xfinity Package Monthly Price

Data is effective 8/17/2020 subjected to change. Availability and offers vary by location.

Digital Starter monthly price is $70.99 with over 140 channels

Digital Preferred monthly price is $89.49 with over 200 channels

xifinity comcast tv

Xfinity Contract
Yes, Xfinity Comcast TV has a contract. Signing for a 1 year agreement will save you $20-$30(per month) for the first year. It is very beneficial and it is a pretty big deal if you want to save money for entertainment.

Xfinity Fees
Sports channels $9 per month, Channels $10 per month, DVR storage $15 per month, news channels $15 per month, TV box $5 per month and Additional TV box $10 per month

FeesMonthly Price
HD technology fee$10.00
Additional TV box$9.95
First TV box$5.00
DVR fee$14.95
Regional sports fee$8.75
Broadcast fee$14.95

Xfinity Channels

 Digital Starter PackageXfinity Digital Preferred Package 
NBC Sports Network
PAC-12 Network
Tennis Channel
Golf Channel
CBS Sports Network
FS1, FS2
MLB Network
NBC Sports Network
NFL Network
NHL Network
Olympic Channel
Outdoor Channel
PAC-12 Network
SEC Network
Tennis Channel
Golf Channel
Sportsman Channel

Xfinity Premium Channels
Sports Tier, EPIX, The Movie Channel, Cinemax, Showtime, HBO Max, and Starz



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