Age Progression Apps for Android & iOS

Age Progression Apps for Android & iOS

December 10, 2021

Age Progression Apps will help us determine what we’ll look like in the future, we all know that our skin will lose its radiance and become paler. Many of you may be interested in seeing how you will look in the future.

These apps may appear to be time travelers who travel to the future and take images of you at a younger age. In reality, they employ Artificial Intelligence to recreate facial features so that the image resembles that of an elderly person. There are additional features, such as the ability to estimate someone’s age based on their image.

However, because the applications are based on artificial intelligence, the outcomes may not always correspond to reality. However, you may still play pranks with these apps and make most of your free time. Some of these age progression apps for Android and iOS are listed in the articles below.

Age Progression Apps for Android & iOS


It’s a valuable tool for Android and iOS users that turns selfies into vintage photographs. It also has several other photo editing features, such as auto-cropping, filters, and so on. As a result, you can change your images from 15-year-old youngsters to 60-year-old seniors.

The software includes an easy-to-use user interface that won’t get in the way of your enjoyment. There are also direct sharing options for posting your images to social media apps and emails. As a result, you can try this app for age advancement.

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Fantastic face

Another app worth trying is the Fantastic Face app, which was created specifically for Android smartphones. To apply numerous effects to portrait images, the software employs artificial intelligence. You can, for example, increase your age on the scale to see how your face will change over time.

Baby prediction, face analysis, emotional analysis, and other remarkable features of the Fantastic Face app. There’s also a palmistry option that can tell you what will happen in the future. You must not, however, take the outcomes seriously.

Age Progression Apps for Android & iOS


Oldify allows you to age someone in a photograph instantly. Face detection technology is used in this beautiful application to scan your face and alter it using artificial intelligence in real-time.

One of the best aspects of Oldify is its simplicity, which makes it simple to use even if you don’t have a lot of complexions. The photographs can be directly shared on social media or saved in your device’s internal storage.

Age Progression Apps for Android & iOS

Face Story-AI Photo

This software is pretty similar to FaceApp in terms of age development. It is, however, only available to iOS users. Along with age progression, Face Story-AI Photo can be used for various additional photo editing tasks, such as changing gender, haircuts, and skin tones.

This program provides users with two types of operations. One option allows you to generate the results automatically, while another will enable you to add facial traits of your choice. The app is originally free to use and includes all standard functionality. Some paid features, however, are behind a paywall.

Age Progression Apps for Android & iOS

What Will I Look Like Old Face?

Are you concerned about how your face characteristics will alter as you age? Then you can use the What Will I Look Like Old Face app to see what you’ll look like. The program will offer you a rough sense of how you will look in your later years.

You can select from a variety of ages based on your preferences. The app’s user interface is simple and can be utilized by anyone who isn’t a techie. However, it is currently only available for iOS users.

Age Recognition app, How old I am?

Have you ever wondered if a mobile app could tell a person’s age merely by looking at them? Yes, it is conceivable in this age of technological growth. How old am I, according to this age recognition app? Is there an app that can tell your age, sex, and other information just by looking at a picture?

You can use it to surprise your pals by calculating their age in secret. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between an upload and a snap option. However, you should be aware that all of the data provided by the app is an estimate and should not be used for professional purposes.

Age Progression Apps for Android & iOS

Make Me Old

Make me Old is an excellent choice if you want an application that serves to display your old-age images. The software differs from others because it uses superior facial identification rather than artificial intelligence to get a realistic outcome.

Other photo editing tools in the Make me Old app include adding stickers and repositioning photographs. It also allows users to share photos directly on social media. Furthermore, the user interface is straightforward, making it a popular choice.

Age Progression Apps for Android & iOS


It’s one of the most popular Android and iOS age progression apps. FaceApp was launched in January 2017 and quickly gained many users. It has a lot of photo alteration capabilities, which makes it a lot of fun to use.

You can import photographs from your gallery or take photos with the in-app camera to apply clever filters. The age progression filter, for example, is pretty precise, and the after results appear to be accurate. Genderswap, hairstyling, babyface, and other features are also included.

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